Saturday, February 3, 2007

-Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Twister. To which Bill Paxton responded with, "It's already here."

This is not breaking news to those of you whom frequent this site, but what will be interesting to see is how low the temperatures can go over the next 6 days. I realized this Saturday morning looking over my parent's yard in Philly that their nice covering of snow be there well into March. That because the next 7-10 days will remain below 40 F, and there's more snow on the way in the next 10-15 days. I believe the best is yet to come, and when it does later this month, all those skeptical warministas will be rejoicing along with the rest of us. The map below indicates the 7AM Tuesday temperatures will likely be the coldest day of the winter. I haven't felt daytime weather this cold since, uh..the Feb 03 blizzard. Before I forget, among the many new features is the ability for you to email the full text from any post directly to someone right from this page. It's the little envelope next to the comments tracker. I figured that during a significant weather event, you might not have time to cut and paste, so this feature speeds up that whole process considerably. It's fun, you should try.

Tue 2-6-07 Cold

So I'd like to propose something fun to get you through to the next snowstorm: A COLD CONTEST. The rules are simple, you predict your lowest high temperature and your lowest low temperature of the next 6 day period. Invoking the honor system, instead of basing readings on your local airport, let's just go with that of your home thermometer. Generally the coldest readings will be early in the morning, before 7AM. All you have to do is post in the comments your location, what day(s) you are predicting, and the high/low. In the case of my parent's home, their upcoming record low maximum will be probably Tuesday, but in Baltimore the low might be Wednesday morning. Winner is the one who's actual is the closest to their predictions. What's the winning prize? For remainder of the winter, your location receives it's very own site specific forecast and a special tailored link on this website in the sidebar. Now that's bound to be WAY more exciting than the average Superbowl, don't you think? You have until Tuesday 9PM to post your predictions and let the games begin. Here's mine for Dundalk, MD. Tue AM low: 11 F. Tue PM high: 22 F.

ABOUT THE NEW FORMAT. This site is designed to best serve your interests and mine, but yours really come first. If there's something about the setup you'd like to see modified, changed or added, please post a recommendation in the comments. For example, when I check the site, I go to the DC-Baltimore NWS forecast first, and then click around there a while. Since this site is primarily about the Northeast U.S. in the winter, I moved those links up and the national/tropical/other links down further. Questions I have you for you all:

1. Does this site display properly on your screen? I looks fine on my laptop, but on the desktop screen in our home office it is all disjointed. THe post body is there, but all the sidebar links are down underneath and to the left side. It is really annoying and I don't know how to fix it. When I do, the site does not display properly on the laptop. Any ideas?

2. I'd like to add some Java content, such as a live radar image, computer model or satellite loop. Many other weather blogs have that and I am up against a learning wall on this one. Any input or guidance you have would be greatly appreciated.

3. Are my Storm Grade Monitors still out there? Before the next big storm, would like to have someone willing to do verification of my accumulation numbers. I recall either Ray or Mr. E.H in New England offered to do this earlier. After a major winter storm is finished dumping, you would search through the "Snowfall Obs" section and locate actual accumulations for locations I predicted, in addition to collecting ob reports from comment postings.

4. The "Friends of Foot's Forecast" I'm going to revise this section to include dedicated NWS forecast links to all those who regularly participate in our comment community. If you are among the Group of 10-12 (you know who you are!) please post in the comments your nearest town. (For example..."needasnowday" I'm guessing is Ellicott City, MD.) Look in that section and you'll see what I mean.


Linda said...

Looks great

Foot's Forecast said...

Thanks. More changes are coming, figured I should get the new features up and running before the big storm in 2 weeks.

Oops did I let that slip?

Russ said...

Mr. Foot,
got the b-ball games in last night--Peiser was very happy!! with/out a problem. I was delighted to get home and find the lawn and deck covered in white. Nothing in Edgemere. I noticed that accu-weather is saying that there may be a stronger clipper system hitting the mid-atlantic sometime this week around Thursday?

Foot's Forecast said...

Hey Mr. Russ. That's 2 pieces of good news. With all the heavy snow I saw on 95 coming north I was concerned it would ice over down your way and cancel those games.

Yes many models are showing a clipper for Wed-Thu, makes sense given the upper level flow out of central Canada to the northeast. Could be an inch or so, but not a surprise storm.

Anonymous said...

(gulp) oh no.. Mr. Foot.. I am taking 70+ students and parents on a field trip Thursday.. we fly outta BWI in the morning... Any details to share... (beginning to hyperventilate).... ::::pacing::::

Anonymous said...

and.. wow... the new look of the site is great!

Foot's Forecast said...

Now now needasnowday, I wouldn't fret. Hats off to your courage in taking (flying) students somewhere in the climatologically snowiest part of the winter though, for Baltimore. A clipper is just that, will clip the area with light snow. There's always an offchance that an upper level low gets associated with the surface clipper and enhances snowfall, and with the air so cold that will up the snow to liquid equivalent ratio to probably 30:1, but with only .05" of moisture we're not talking much. Certainly nothing to interfere with air travel.
Now I hope you get your little ones back here by the 12th or so. There's a Kahuna on the calendar during that time frame.

Anonymous said...

:::calming down::: Thank you for the scoop! Well, we return the evening of the 13th. I will share with everyone that when we had the 52 inch snow fall in 03 we were in Orlando watching the weather channel in awe! We performed a lil number "Let It Snow".. and well.. it did. Hopefully my plan will not be foiled.. we are doing "LET IT SNOW" again... Bring on that KAHUNA!!!

E.H. Boston said...

Guys...I know for 100% that there will be a major EAST COAST BLIZZARD on the dates between Feb. 14 and the 23rd.

How I know this? I am going to be out of the country during this time period, so I know that you guys will get your BLIZZARD. Until then...CIAO!

E.H. Boston said...

BTW, nice new format!

Foot's Forecast said...

Thanks. One of the benefits of visiting Grammy's house..we get free babysitting service and I can blog to my heart's content! If you have any ideas or suggestions for updates or links you frequent when we're in storm mode, please recommend them.

Andy, Southern York County PA said...

One great thing is that for the next 7 days there is no snow in the forecast! That means that whatever the call is for days 5, 6 , and 7 is wrong. If they were calling for snow we would get nothing, but now there is a chance! Forecasts never verify so I think this one has a great chance at failure.

Julee said...

Mr. Foot ...
LOVING the new look!

My son is leaving for London on the 20th and I am driving him to the aerodrome. That wouldn't, by any chance, be around Kahuna Time, would it?

Foot's Forecast said...

Julee, such nightmarecasting on your part. Really you shouldn't go around scaring the children like that. Kahuna Time is scheduled between the 13th and 18th.

Russ said...

Mr. Foot,
I would like to leave two locations for the NWS locations--Edgemere--for work and Prry Hall --for home.

Foot's Forecast said...

Mr. Russ: I can add those, but you'd only be able to access the site from home, unless BCPS changes their mind on it someday.

Russ said...

Mr. Foot,
I just checked NWS & Accu-Weather and noticed now they have a clipper system coming through Tue-Wed? Have a huge wrestling match between your Dundalk and Patapsco on Tuesday and a B-ball game on Wednesday. It didn't seem to be that big a deal--Fast moving.

Russ said...

I understand, but I check your site every morning at home before work and at night

Linda said...

For the big Kahuna, Accu weather has it in the 50's by then. Are the temps, subject to change?

Foot's Forecast said...

Linda: Temps more than 7 days out are definitely subject to change. There will be another cold blast at end of next weekend to set the stage. This is already being reflected in the NWS long range.
Also..what is the nearest major town for you in Bucks Co, so we can add you to the Friends of Foot's Forecast Link list that I know this, I'll be updating more frequently! Having two angelic little girls around me at home all the time can be distracting, although the 3-year old likes to watch the weather with me. Wonder why?

E.H. Boston said...

I would be happy to keep you up to date with the New England snowfall totals during STORM MODE.

I don't know if I will be able to get everyones totals, but I think I can manage. New England totals are no problem though.

I won't be here during Kahuna time, figures...I will be gone from Feb 14 through 23. I will be in Italy for the week plus.

I'm sure Ray and my fellow New England Blogger Joel would be happy to assume the responsibility.

Talk to yous later. Stay warm and enjoy your snow.

John said...

Like the new format. Looking forward to what may yet to come. This teacher is in such need of a snow day. :)

Wish I had taken more meterology classes in college. Might be able to actually understand all the various models.

Linda said...

Thanks for that update Mr. Foot. The closest little, big town I think would be Doylestown. Also E.H. have a wonderful time in Italy, and be safe. Looking forward to a big snowstorm, or even a little one. Bring it on.

Linda said...

I forgot to post my highs, and lows. Low Tuesday morning in Jamison 8 degrees. And the high 19. Brrrrrr!

WEYTYN said...

Hey Mr Foot. heres my temperature predictions

Indianapolis brew pubs Sunday night-

min- +3 deg F
max +17 deg F

coffee pot - 118 deg F @ 7am

car temp - 75 deg F on way to the office after 20 minute warm-up period

shower temp 115deg F on entry

cold beer temp after long work day-
46 deg F

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