Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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Equinox Week 2007

An early week update to say that Monday night's clipper through the Great Lakes and Northeast brought with it a temporary chill which will make the first full day of Spring (Wednesday) feel downright January-ish. Highs in my area of Maryland are only expected to reach the mid 40's with lows once again in the mid 20's. But fear not Spring-a-lings (a term of endearment for members of the discussion community who favor Spring)...your long awaited warm-up will return for a brief time late this week and into next week. As we head towards the end of March and Palm Sunday Weekend, there might be some April Fool's mischief lurking in the time frame from the 30th to the 3rd, and it's no joke that this inappropriate meteorological behavior could include SNOW for portions of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. More on that mayhem later, for now we can finally celebrate the arrival of "Astronomical" Spring at 8:07 PM EDT today.


Mr.B said...

Mr. Foot,

I actually had 6" not 5".

Foot's Forecast said...

Good! That helps raise the GPA a tad more. Thanks.

Julee said...

Mr. Foooooooooooooooooot,

On the CBS Early Show today, they were talking about tomorrow being the first day of Spring and that they were going to prove it by standing an egg on end ... AGAIN.

E.H. Boston said...

Last night I got about an inch of snow that was washed away by the rain showers early this morning. Some areas on the South Shore saw a surprise 4" of snow...Raynham, MA saw that I believe.

My snowpack is at about 6". I was told that the fields around here will not be available until a week to a week and a half. All spring teams will be picked in the gym this year...should be lots of fun.

Talking of near 60-65 Friday and then staying warm for about a week, then the GFS is showing some sneeky cold moving back in...wow!

We are going to get another snowstorm, thats just my gut feeling...

Winters that never want to start, NEVER want to end.

Foot's Forecast said...

E.H... That'll be my/our tagline if we get that final elusive storm. Great quote.

Yes Julee, the lengths some networks will go to inject inaccurate science for the sake of ratings. Here's a great website that takes you right to the origin of this urban legend.. perpetuated now by CBS when it actually means nothing at all (you can stand an egg on end during Christmas, or July 27th or any day in between.. with the right egg, of course.)

Julee said...

Which website?

Looking forward to snow ... as always.
I don't care WHEN it arrives!

E.H. Boston said...

What a day we had today in Boston. Temperatures got all the way to around 60 and the sun was warm to say the least. I woke up this morning and everything was still completely covered with a thick 4-7" snowcover, but this afternoon, most snowcover is scant at best and there are tons of puddles.

Tomorrow will be about 55 and Saturday 45. Saturday night snow? I will be surprised if we do get it, but wouldn't be shocked.

Who cares...it will all be gone regardless by 4PM Sunday afternoon anyway.

E.H. Boston said...

Saturday night snow now looks a little more impressive.

Most news stations around here are now calling for a slushy 1-3" to 2-4" for Boston right now.

Just when you thought spring was here to stay and then early April heavy snows will be a coming from DC to Maine!

E.H. Boston said...

Hey...I know that this storm tomorrow is only affecting me in SNE, but it is wicked interesting.

00z NAM came out and is pretty much giving all of SNE advisory type snows with low warning criteria snows in Worcester Co...N&W.

Its March 23rd going on the 24th and today was in the low 60's.

We cool just perfectly for an 8-12 hour period of snow. After that few hours, we warm up and we are back to the 60's Monday and 70's Tuesday.

Whose forecast does this look like?

Friday: Sunny HI: 62
Night: Clear LO: 34

Saturday: Increasing Clouds HI: 50
Night: Snow developing. Heavy by midnight. Few to several inches likely. LO: 29

Sunday: AM Flurries HI: 43
Night: Clear LO: 28

Monday: Sunny HI: 60
Night: LO: 35

Tuesday: Partly Cloudy HI: 72
Night: Clear LO: 44

I was thinking kind of like Denver with their wild swings...70's and then 3 hours later blizzard conditions..followed by 82 two days later!

I will keep yous posted and storm obs and reports tomorrow!

Mr.B said...

Does anyone have the farmers almanac for 2007? I just reed it and it cracks me up. It has one tropical storm/ and one hurricame for AUG. and then another hurricane for SEPT. Then another tropical distubance for OCT. Also in there is destructive thunderstorms that include tornadoes each month. Is this the end of the world or what.

E.H. Boston said...

Its kinda weird that snow may be coming tonight. Right now there is not a cloud in the sky and the temperature outside is 55.7 and rising.

My dog was outside on the porch and had to bring him in out of the sun because he was panting like crazy. That sun is strong.

I have a big feeling that this "Snow" tonight is going to really B-U-S-T! GFS is taking it into VT and NH now...I don't think I'll see more than a slushy coating that melts by 8AM.

E.H. Boston said...

It didn't all out bust..in fact around 10PM it was coming down furiously with visibilities less than a 1/4 mile here. All said and done, I picked up about 2.25" of wet gloppy soaked heavy snow.

Temps are already in the mid 30's this AM so melting is already going on and the streets never got more than a skim coating on them. Highs today around 50 and 50's tomorrow with 60's to round off the week.

The last hurrah...I am starting to think that this is it. Springtime, lets get into it.

E.H. Boston said...

Like I said, it didn't matter if we got 2" or 6", if you were quick to bed last night and late to rise this morning, you would've never thought it snowed.

All the snow was gone by 11AM.

E.H. Boston said...

Where is everybody?

Somebody just post to let me know all of you are okay.

I know the winter season is over, but now its thunderstorm, tornado, hurricane almost, and beach season.

terpguy said...

Here I is...

Trying to organize college visits when my son and I have two different Spring Breaks!

crazedsnowboarder said...

here looking for more possibilities for snow!

kristine said...

OK...so what is goin on with the "Palm Sunday" snow we were looking at earlier? Is it still there or are we officially in Spring???

E.H. Boston said...

Kristine, I think that we will be seeing at least one last cold air outbreak...40's in the MA and 30's in the NE this season. Whether we get snow remains to be seen, but the possibilities will be out there.