Wednesday, April 25, 2007


If you've shed your powderhound parka for spring-a-ling shorts, I'm with you all the way. This is one of my more favorite times of the year...when each day more daylight is observed, the weather generally trends warmer, and I can enjoy the outdoors with my family and students.

For our frequent and ever-so-loyal readers, you know what's coming...the "Quiet Period" when this website is essentially in pre-summer hibernation as we await tropical cyclone season. If you're new to the site and enjoyed our winter discussions, you can expect just the same rousing interactions and safety tips when a hurricane begins to take aim on the East Coast. The Foot's Forecast quiet period extends from about mid April to early June.

So please understand that from now until then, there are few if any new posts on the sites. While the weather I follow disappears from the map, school and home get very busy in it's place. Also, I generally don't forecast tornadoes, thunderstorms or heat waves... only winter storms, nor'easters and hurricanes. At some point in May I'll post my overview of the hurricane season based on current climate trends, especially the much-anticipated onset of a La Nina and it's impact on the number of landfalling tropical systems in North America.

It certainly was an interesting and notable winter, despite underperformance in the snow department. Thank you for your continued readership and I'll check back in between the upcoming landscaping projects, trips to the park and final exams.

Sincerely Yours,
Forecaster Foot


Linda said...

Mr. Foot, as always I enjoyed our winter chats, and look forward to the next unquiet period. Thanks for your expertise, and wonderful humour. A friend forever of Foot's forecast.

Mr. B said...

Greensburg. :(