Tuesday, June 5, 2007

- From Rodgers & Hammerstein's 1958 Musical Classic Carousel

(Now that the rain from Barry has ended and the strong June sun has begun to energize your grass and garden.) Now on to other news:
Question: What was the cause behind a $1.25 jump in the price of crude oil yesterday? Answer: Tropical Cyclone Gonu, in the Arabian Sea. As of today was approaching the coast of Oman and believe it or not, may even impact southern Iran as a Category 3. Read about it here. Earlier on Tuesday, 6/5, yhis Middle Eastern beast was tipping the scales at 155 mph. In it's path are thousands of poorly prepared coastal communities, in addition to many many oil platforms and the all-important shipping lanes through the Straits of Hormuz. Nearly 40 percent of the world's petroleum passes through this narrow waterway. And now here comes Gonu.

Gonu 1


Foot's Forecast said...

Happy First Full Week of Summer, everyone!

I was down for the count with strep throat during most of last week, so luckily there wasn't much tropical activity to worry about.

Still trying to get caught up on life, as well as cleaning the classroom. I plan to do a hurricane season post sometime this week or early next week...

But let me just make some bold statement based on my reading of the climate tea leaves:

1. I don't believe this season will be "as bad" as we think.

2. There will be less storms than currently forecasted by AccuWx, NOAA, Dr. Gray.

3. Only a few storms (perhaps 3) will hit the U.S. and 2 of them will be bad enough to make everyone think it was a rough season, though the overall numbers and storm intensities will be down.

Those are my preliminary thoughts. I know some of you want supporting material to backup these claims. I'll provide that slowly as the post develops.

Until then...how about an Air Conditioning Challenge?

Who here are the coolmeisters and the saunanistas?

Coolmeister: AC usually set to 70.
Saunanistas: You'll sleep like a baby with sweat dripping off your body completely motionless when it's 90 F at 11PM before you'll turn on the AC.

Tweeners: (in between those extremes)... you try to squeeze as many "free" days as you can (no AC) and hold off until it gets sticky and warm outside. Then you set the AC at 78 to 80.

The Foot Summer Daycare Center operates as a Tweener..we hold it around 78.

Contest is... who's coldest and hottest among us on the AC setting? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

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Mr. B said...

It's 76 in my room. Mr. Foot When are you going to e-mail me?

Linda said...

Hey everyone, I am a coolmeister and proud of it. I would rather be cool than eat!