Sunday, January 20, 2008


1/20/2008: Until we get to the next round of winter weather (first minor shot Tuesday, next major shot Saturday-Sunday), I wanted to share with everyone these delightful images sent to me by 2 of our readers..they're white-blooded powderhounds, and teachers in Baltimore County. If you're looking for a wintery screen saver to tide you over until next time, these are worthy candidates:

Frostry branches adorning the Hereford Zone of northern Baltimore County, MD
frosty branches
I think it's Par for course that no one will be hitting any birdies here.
golf course
Robert Frost would have been proud: "Stopping by a woods on a snowy evening..."

Julee's bench

In case no one noticed yesterday, you went about you day underneath one of the longest-duration "vlizzards" I have ever seen. (That's a virga blizzard). I mean it snowed like mad for at least 9 hours straight, giant invisible flakes coating everything in a blanket of vapor. Actually, it was a virga storm. All that beautiful white and blue on the radar yesterday was snow falling but evaporating before reaching the ground. Whodunit? Dewpoint depression. Boundary layer moisture content was too low to be overcome, and the dryness prevented any of that snow from reaching the ground. Had it reached the surface, we could have called it a "flizzard."

Also of note is one of my personal first accomplishments with this website. After 4 years of blogging, I finally figured out ...totally by accident mind you... how to embed animation in the post. I've been wanting to show radar and satellite loops for the longest time, and as long as I can remember how I figured it out, there'll be more internet weather fun like that for you in the next storm. I'll stake out some time today to revisit our still-on-the-table Rumble Storms..the Tuesday quick shot and the Saturday-Sunday big shot.


Baroquen said...

As this seems like a good spot in between weather events, I just want to thank you for the time you invest in this site. I'm a teacher in Montgomery County (living much closer to Baltimore) so it's always a treat to see your take on the potential storms. Thanks!

Foot's Forecast said...

I'm honored that you enjoy the site and hope we do adequate justice to you in Mont Co. I'll keep that area in mind for future storms. Thanks for reading!

Russ L said...

mr. foot,
just got back from church and 22 degrees was on my car dash in PH. Wind is whipping!! getting ready to watch FB playoffs. seems like tuesday & thursday are not much in way of smow? another bout of artic air on Thursday-Friday? does weekend look promising for a good storm?

Julee said...

NINE hours of snow and we got NOTHING?
Whom can we see about having virga eliminated from the weather menu?

Mr.S said...

SO the weather men are saying nothing of the blizzard / snow sort for next week mr foot . Enlighten us when you can !!!!