Sunday, February 17, 2008




snow lover said...

I like the posts but everyone is comparing this to tv 03 storm. How could that be if accumalations are supposed to be 4 inches?? And I have pigs from the 03 storm if you want them mr foot.

bell86 said...

If they were calling for a lot wouldn't happen. If it really turns out that we will get a lot of snow - they'll have it in their forecast around Wednesday. Is it a good sign that Foot's ski trip is planned for this weekend, just as we are suppose to get another storm?

Anonymous said...

hmmm... with your latest post Mr. Foot.. whatchu tryin' to say? :::cheshire cat grin::::

Foot's Forecast said...

No no, not trying to say it will be like Feb 03. Not 2 feet by a long shot. Just that pre-storm similarities are there.

Am trying to say that 48 hours before that storm, even the NIGHT before (Sat PM in central PA).. forecast was for snow to stay south of DC, and then...well you know. I lived it, and will relate the story later somewhere in the post.

Anonymous said...

Nah.. I wasnt expecting it to be THAT bad... I am amazed at the degree of accuracy you have.. been following you since 04 and check your site before the TV weather-people..with that said.. I think Justin Berk's site is pretty cool too.

Thanks Foot!!

Foot's Forecast said...

Wow you've endured this servitude for 4 years now. That's quite an accomplishment!

T'will be a delight to see the "non-Justin Berk-folk" in B'more TV land try to explain this one this coming week.

Stormin downplay Norman: Will downplay it of course. "Nuthin to worry about (with a big smile) it'll all stay to our south.

Marty ahem Bass: Flurries, like all his previous prediction.

Tom T: Well it could affect our region but then again it could not. We'll just wait and see.