Friday, July 4, 2008


Forecaster Foot finally makes it to Downeast Maine
One of many rugged inlets found along the coastal section of Acadia's Park Loop Road.

A view familiar to many of you: The islands of Frenchman Bay from atop Cadillac Mountain

I cannot recall the name of the islands shown... something about the "Sleeping Lambs?"
Those of old timers with more background on the Barbor will know in an instant I'm sure.

College of Atlantic's "Seaside Garden"
Where I'll be posing for the cover shot of next month's issue of Cottage Living... a beautifully serene place in front of the College's Administration building, known as the Seaside Gardens.
College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME

Starting Sunday, June 29 I will be spending two weeks at Maine's College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor (or as I have learned, is pronounced 'Bah Hahbah'). What am I doing in Maine you ask? I am enrolled in a 4-credit graduate course to enhance my background and understanding of weather forecasting and climate change! Sadly I have to celebrate my 12 year anniversary away from my lovely wife and little Foot girls, but to reassure all the Moms and wives out there, I did leave Mrs. Foot a very nice card with special hand written messages inside. Originally the ladies were going to accompany me on this journey, but a number of complicating factors...including the price of fuel, scuttled those plans. But we may try again next year so we can all attend the Family Nature Camps.

The other real reason I'm here is that this course is part of a year-long process to complete the outstanding credits required to maintain my Maryland teaching certificate. So it may come as a shock to you (although my students already know) that I am taking a one year leave of absence from teaching to finish the credits and lock that Master's Equivalency under my belt.

An All-Forecaster-Bulletin: Mr. E.H. of Woburn, if you're out there and not already on vacation, please contact me via the comments as soon as you can. I would have contacted you by email, but lost the address when my previous computer checked out. I'll be in the Boston area Sat/Sun July 12 and 13 and it would be a real honor to finally meet you, have lunch and revel in the wonderful New England scenery and summer weather. I'll be sure to post some pics of the experience in Bar Harbor as well as new insight gained on upcoming trends for the hurricane and winter storm seasons.



Enjoy your trip and 2 week stay in Maine. I was in Washington Maine about 5 years ago visiting a friend. Very nice and peaceful there. Have a safe trip.


terpguy said...

Honeymooned in Bah Hahbah a long time ago.

Watch out for the marine fog, and make sure that you go whale watching!

Julee said...

Ohhhh the rocky coast of Maine ... beautiful Mr. Foot! Good choice. Just be sure to have extra strength mosquito repellent!

I have a weather a question.
Last evening I was reading on my porch, enjoying the sunset when suddenly it got VERY dark. I looked up to see a HUGE gathering of storm clouds streaming in from the west.

The color of the clouds went from light gray to medium to very DARK gray as they cruised across the sky, THEN behind them came a HUGE sunset-colored orange/brown cloud, the color of Martian soil (well, what we THINK is Martian soil anyway). It came in rapidly from the west and soon covered the entire sky! CREEPY!

Risking a lightning strike, I stayed on the porch to see what else might be coming, but the rusty cloud was then followed by normal gray storm clouds.

WHAT WAS THAT CLOUD? HOW did it get mixed in with the gray clouds?

Did YOU see it Mr. Foot? Did anyone else?

Have a beautiful stay Down East!