Monday, September 15, 2008

Only A Category 2

9/15/2008: As aerial surveys of Ike's wrath are becoming more available, it is clear Ike was monstrous in unimaginable ways. While the surge was less than the 25 feet predicted, please tell me what else exactly would have been left to scour after the 12-14 foot surge was done?

Maybe scenes like this will help forecaster to avoid phrases like "although the storm is 'only a category two.' or " 'it is now down to a 'minimal hurricane.' "

Regardless of how the hurricane center classifies landfall strength, when you include the forward speed of 12-15 mph on top of 110 mph winds, a person standing on their porch will experience Category 3 wind intensity.

Yes the record books will show that Ike was not a "major hurricane" at landfall. It sure was major for the millions of people who are suffering and will continue to do so for many weeks and months ahead. We encourage those in the safety and calm of the Mid-Atlantic to consider giving to the Red Cross or Salvation Army. In the end, we're all Americans no matter where we live, and next time, we could the ones featured in the photo galleries and blogs.


Julee said...

This week, my school is getting several children from Houston. They will be sent to stay with relatives in our district while the Texas schools get back to "normal" ... whenever THAT will be ...

Mr. Brisko said...

Looky looky

Foot's Forecast said...

Yup, thanks man I'm on it and have been contemplating since about 4 PM what this means for the Mid Atlantic and Bay.

My short list:
1. Banana high ridge will lock this in, preventing recurvature.

2. Landfall anywhere from NC to mouth of the Bay.

3. Could rival Isabel and Hazel for most damage.

4. If a cane by Wednesday, then watches go up Wed night or Thus AM. Based on GFDL track, seems that entire Bay gets hurr watches out of this, and with a nw/nnw track, warnings issued Fri AM for hurcn conditions by Sat AM.

5. A track along or just west of the Bay = $10 billion in damages. Surge will exceed that of Isabel.

6. We've got to be on this one like hair on a gorilla, as we've only got 5-6 days until bonafide landfall.

snow lover said...

is this like hanna where we had all these warning saying it would be worse then isabel then it was nothing for Baltimore county. if the system just off the east coast develops it could produce a big shear. this would inhibit development. if it doesn't develop this could easily be a hurricane. we will wait and see