Wednesday, January 28, 2009


First Snow Day of 2009

WED JAN 28 - 10:15 AM. After all this discussion and analysis, I thought you would enjoy putting a face with the forecast, and share in our outdoor fun. These pictures were part of our attempt to capture the "throwing snow up in the air" shot, best done at night with a flash. Suffice to say, we were off with the timing, but it was hilarious nonetheless. Finally we just settled for a regular father-daughter picture to remember her first official snow day as a public school student. Thanks to everyone for keeping the comment fires burning through all this, and hope you had a chance to enjoy, even if you have to drive in it.

There will be a brief post-storm wrapup later today on what was originally projected and the outcome. I did not do specific accumulations for locations because it was just too uncertain who would get what with the ice issue. Attention will soon turn to the possibility of delays Thursday, and the potential of another significant coastal system Monday and Tuesday. The latest thinking on that storm will be posted in the comments, as I am not ready to come out guns blazing on next week. I'd like to go analyze what HPC is saying and look at the data myself. You don't have to wait for me OR them, you can use the links in my "Winter Storm Tracking" section and investigate for yourself.

Oh I'm sure the watchers at Eastern US WX are going gaga on this already, but I'll pass on that discussion as speculating more than 5 days out is not fruitful. That said, it would be wise to clear ice/snow away from storm drains, gutters, etc this weekend as feasible... in the event something more serious does approach next week.

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