Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Children sleeping...snow is softly falling."
- opening lyrics of Believe from the Polar Express soundtrack

UPDATE: TUE JAN 27 - 8:30 AM. Despite the snow, it will be a busy day at the Foot household and not a lot of time to update. Please continue to post your observations in the comments, including your location. Let me reduce anxiety now by saying that even with the probability of this all turning to rain Wednesday, it will not occur soon enough to prevent the 2-day slam dunk. So the original call stands, with clarification: All school districts under an advisory, watch or warning are likely to remain closed Wednesday.

TUE JAN 27 - 6:30 AM. Now that's a headline I've waited a long time to post, and a snippet of peace that those of you in the school system have waited a long time to see. Commuters of course are not viewing this event with great joy, but at least the roads are devoid of buses today.

If you need a perspective on the massive extent of this storm, take a look at the current watch/warning map! I am really stunned at the potential for 2 inches of ice in the Tennessee Valley, and hope that does not happen because accretions that thick can bring down the big power transmission towers, wrecking the grid for weeks.

Congratulations everyone in the safety sweepstakes, all except Baltimore City, inservice teachers and a few 2 hour delayers (SE York County among them.) I'm typing really slowly and quietly so I can keep the "children s l e e p i n g" while I wait for the Tylenol to kick in. I knew the snow had arrived because I could feel it in my elbows. So I'll give them and all of you a rest for now and let's check back in later this morning.

For old time's sake, here's our original favorite: White Is In The Winter Night, and the Polar Express video of the headline song so you can enjoy the moment:

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