Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The "one screen approach"
Seeking your input on website content

SITE DISCUSSION: MON FEB 9 - 8:45 AM. In advance of the next weather pattern change, your input is needed to assure this site delivers the content you seek in an appropriate and effective manner. Changes made in recent years to provide ready-access of weather trends include:
1) Addition of "self-updating" features such as radar, temps, conditions, big picture trends;
2) Time-sensitive re-arrangement of links and maps tailored to current or impending events;
3) Direct links to scientific weather data, discussions of reporting agencies,
One specific improvement is what I term the "one screen" approach. The objective is for all pertinent information you seek to appear on one screen..the first screen at which you land. I realize many of you are busy professionals, parents, students, teachers who don't have time to sift through a comglomeration of gobbly-gook to "just get the weather." Obviously, if you want more details, or wish to revel yourself in an excruciating dissection of every possible weather trend (real or imagined), the just scroll down at your own risk.
In the comments, I welcome your input on the following site presentation issues, as I always look to stay current with what readers want. A more efficient design not only streamlines the forecasting and increases time with family, it helps both of us make informed decisions about approaching weather hazards. At your convenience, comment on the following (and any other suggestions or changes):
(1) Location and content of the snapshots: Do you prefer the Mid-Atlantic/National quick glance as they current appear, or is it too much information on one screen?
(2) What's the one feature of most importance to you: Radar, satellite, regional/local temps, links to your local forecast, or something else?
(3) The SpringWidgets dilemma: Some school servers block this feature. I prefer it for a quick glance, but maybe it is too unwieldy for everyone else. Should it be kept or cut?
Thanks for the feedback provided already, and keep it coming. Knowing your preferences helps make this a more useful information source for everyone. Comment reminder: Your post may not appear right away, so no need to retype if after you click "publish."

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