Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A repeat of Wednesday?

UPDATED SYNOPSIS: THU FEB 19 - 7:15 AM. For residents of the Mid-Atlantic from West Virginia eastward to the Baltimore-Washington Metro areas, today will be ANOTHER study in contrasts. Between 7AM and lunch, weather conditions for many of us will go from clear to cloudy to more rounds of scattered light snow throughout the day. More information later today about the possible Kahuna or Kanona next week.
ORIGINAL REPORT: TUE-WED FEB 17-18. This event is a "lakes cutter" which by definition means we are on the east side of the counter-clockwise flow. While light snow is expected across the region between 7 AM and 10 AM tomorrow, it is not likely to accumulate enough for school delays. What does fall will stick, but with traffic getting underway at the same time, roads should be just wet. Before noon, all snow will have changed over to rain, and warm frontal passage late in the day will prevent a change back to snow. There is also little chance for a re-freezing overnight into Thursday, with temps staying above 32 F.

For "towel-throwers" who believe winter is over, I learned a lesson several years in a row when I too would throw the towel in mid-February. Since 2006 in the Mid-Atlantic, late winter and early Spring snow has continued to crop up. In 2007, measureable snow at BWI occured on the "bookends" of astronomical winter (though in 2 different seasons, the dates were: March 16, April 7, December 5). Even last year, some Maryland school systems were delayed or closed as late as February 22 on just one inch or less. With return of the cold, we can all agree winter has officially relaunched and may even be returning to a more December-like pattern of clippers. Indications are the next several clippers could "dive" far enough south to produce scattered light snow this coming weekend. For powderhounds, hope is alive, but spring-a-lings and naysayers alike know time is on their side with each passing day. The battle is joined! What do you think?

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