Tuesday, February 3, 2009

After all, it's only the weather. We'll all survive somehow.

TUE FEB 3 - 7:00 AM.
Office supplies to track shortwaves: $5.00
Extra bold Colombian coffee to get up early: $6.75.
A picture of yourself wearing a bag holding two little girls in their pajamas: PRICELESS.
Watching snow while sitting in class tired because you stayed up all night: AGGRAVATING.

More humor coming to help dull your pain, a brief "during-storm" analysis, as well as the true story of my worst call ever, which isn't this one because hey, at least it IS snowing, like somewhere. For my esteemed colleagues (and students) in the school systems, I know that ONE question will be gnawing at you all day like a patch of ice that just won't melt:

ARE WE GETTING OUT EARLY ? My answer to students on that one is always: "Well, I'm not going to stay here all night." The simple truth...it's not likely. The culprit is warm road surfaces, though temps have dropped significantly since yesterday at this time. But in honor of your disappointment, I will keep a close eye on conditions today, because the so-called "Fish Storm" is still somehow managing to produce crystalline precipitation over a large area of land. In deference to parents and especially my elementary school compatriots, if there's any meteorological evidence suggesting a surprise early dismissal in the Baltimore Metro region, I'll post accordingly. For now, just enjoy the snow out your window, focus on your day and don't crash this site checking multiple times in an hour! Do not expect an update at least 11:00 AM. Later, I'll do my own version of Justin Berk's "What Went Right" and "What Went Wrong" with my forecast, but that is after the storm departs the Northeast region.

P.S. My worst ever call goes back to my days at Conestoga High School in the mid-late 1980's. I'm not sure of the year, might have been 1988. I remember making grand proclamations for 4-8" of snow overnight, on the morning announcements no less. I woke up to... FOG. I didn't understand how double-barrel lows can actually shut off the precip if they pass over you. Boy that was a rough next day at school.

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