Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In the lane, snow is glistenin'

NORTHEAST OHIO: Matt Alto of Penn State University

7:30 AM Friday 1.8.10 ~ A HAPPY FRIDAY SNOW...for some. 
A clipper-turned-semi coastal delivered "White in the winter night"  once again to the Mid-Atlantic. In the lane...snow is glistening. This beautiful sight made some happy last night, now you can go walking in a winter wonderland! (on your way to a shortened school day, as predicted by our readers.)

Phila., PA area | Baltimore/DC Area | Charleston, WV | Pittsburgh, PA

7AM: The back edge band is developing over DelMarVa with some leftover spots along the western Bay, but thankfully not over I-95 as first thought. Once all snowfall in the forecast area moves off by 9AM, the storm grade totals will be issued. Please post your observations in the comments if you are able - regarding road conditions and amounts.

5AM: While the snow in Maryland is sharply cutting from west to east, this 3-hour pressure fall map shows an area of coastal low pressure could be forming off DelMarVa. The current regional surface map shows an occluded front approaching from the west. It is possible that a back-edge "deformation band" may be developing over the Chesapeake Bay region extending over Harford, Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties. As indicated in the Winter Stormcast Zone update last night, the team believed snow would taper at approximately 5 AM. Strange as it may seem , we project that by 7AM it will rebuild again for 1-2 hours.

STORM GRADE AMOUNTS These are "final amounts" expected by 9AM Friday 1-8-10. Calculated by BCPS Crossroads Students, confirmed by team 10:30 PM 1-7-10. Grades will be based on NWS spotter and official reports in side bar links--->

1 - Washington DC (Dulles Airport)
2 - BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport & Philadelphia airport
3 - Along a line from Frederick-Westminster-Towson-Belair
4 - PA/MD line to southern Pennsylvania
5 - Pittsburgh, PA ; Martinsburg, WV ; Loudon County, VA
6 - Hagerstown, MD to Garrett County, MD

Read our talent recruiting post. We are seeking your talent to provide readers with the scientific but conversational perspective you enjoy here at Foot's Forecast. When winter yields to spring, we have big "regional and seasonal plans" going beyond snow and hurricanes. Teachers and students will be intrigued by an upcoming Environmental Science collaborative with the Baltimore Ecosystem Study, part of the National Science Foundation's Long Term Ecological Research Network. Consider diving into this new and exciting era with us! Many heartfelt thanks to the applications already sent and for whom have...our respond is forthcoming later this morning.

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