Monday, January 25, 2010

Trains and Winter Rains
- From Enya's 2009 Album And Winter Came

6:00 AM MONDAY 1-25-10 The Monday Monsoon will test our saturation tolerance. Whether you are a student waiting for the bus, a soaked ski lift operator or a neighborhood refuse collector ; this is a day most of us would rather skip over. For powderhounds, help is on the way. There is growing potential for a "Fantastic February" and our latest analyses are shoveled into the Winter Stormcast Zone.

Pummeling the east coast in Tsunami-like form is a deluge only Southeast Asia can appreciate. Take a look at HPC's 5 day precipitation projection. NWS has posted Flash Flood Watches and Advisories from southern Georgia to New York. Rainfall totals may exceed 3 inches across the Mid-Atlantic, creating dangerous urban flash floods. Evidenced by this USGS stream gage data from the Gwynn's Falls River at Villanova, MD; water levels in even those tranquil looking creeks under your highway bridges can rise several feet in less than an hour.

From now on, the "read more" link below really does contain more detail and information. Our Techcaster Team has finally solved the riddle of how to make this feature work!

For a glimpse at what's coming later...The world's second strongest high pressure reading of 1084 millibars* (32.00" of mercury) was observed on 1/20/10 in Tosontsengel, Mongolia. Low temperatures with this pressure cell have ranged -50 F to -70 F. Were a large parcel of that air to work across the pole, someone better tell Tom Hanks to hitch up the Polar Express!  *In first place? The same location back in 2001.

A warm welcome is extended to all the new facebook fans and many readers whom have joined in recent weeks. We hope the content provided here meets your expectations of being fresh, spot-on and grounded in science. Thank you for making this such an exciting collaboration and many more features are in development - provided our forecast team can squeeze out another snowday sometime soon!

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