Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Fortes fortuna adiuvat"
- Fortune favors the bold, from Virgil's epic 1st century poem The Aeneid

6:00 PM TUESDAY 1-27-2010  A major winter storm will develop across the southern plains Thursday and impact the Tennessee Valley and southern Mid-Atlantic States on Saturday. In the Winter Stormcast Zone we feature a detailed analysis by Lead Forecaster Ryan K. of Sparrows Point High School in southeast Baltimore County, MD.

The team's 2-day analyses suggest this storm could produce a  6 to 12 inch snowfall by Saturday night 1/30 in the areas noted above Recent computer model trends appear to shift the threat of heavy snow to a line along and south from Salisbury, MD to Roanoake, VA into central Tennessee. Please note: North and west of that line, including the Baltimore-Washington metro areas are less likely to receive significant snow (4" or greater). The situation could still change, and our team is watching closely.

As part of the student climate collaborative, 10th grade Environmental Science students at the Crossroads Center of the Baltimore County Public Schools will be conducting a detailed snowfall analysis of the entire storm path. They have selected 20 cities where significant snow is expected to fall: From Tulsa, Oklahoma through the Carolinas and into southeast Virginia. Storm grade amounts will be posted Thursday night.

A delayed storm arrival  time may spare school systems in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland from any wrenching early morning decisions. Note: Baltimore County staff and educators on professional development this Friday complete the day on time.

Exciting news! Forecast zones for southeastern Pennsylvania and the Maryland eastern shore are soon to be added, as well as details on our Spring 2010 Student Environmental Collaborative. For this week, even if your area does not receive the snow you hoped, remember: Friends, we have February. May fortune favor the bold.

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