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The Vancouver 2010 Zone
Mr. Foot, Chief Powderhound and Forecast Team Director

9:30 PM SUNDAY 2.14.2010  Whether you are a powderhound dreaming of going to Whistler, or dreaming of going back this daredevil video will electrify the power of pow in you. Having skied these runs myself, I need not say more. Just watch:

The history of Whistler-Blackcomb is a wild and inspiring tale of teamwork. We will feature the inside story of 10 Whistlerites and the people behind the mountain. Long before the Olympic arrived, their contributions were instrumental in turning two remote mountains of British Columbia's coast range into the world-class resort it is today.
Source: Whistler - Against All Odds by Michel Beaudry, Published March 2003.

Our lead story features "Whistlerite" Hugh Smythe. His mountain adventure began as a ski patroller in 1966. From there, you could say one thing led to another. In March 2009, Mr. Smythe retired as Senior Vice President of Intrawest Corporation, but in his 43 years of service, never lost his keen sense of the customer experience.

Yesterday's video on the extremes of training for downhill speed skiing:

If you are a powderhound, forecaster or both and want to join our spot-on team to predict Whistler's weather during the 2010 Winter Games, please email Mr. Foot or leave a note in the comments below. Earlier posts are below the jump:

2:30 PM SATURDAY 2.13.2010
Yesterday's opening of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, despite the rain, was galant and grand. Especially poignant was seeing "The Great One" help complete the torch's journey to its cauldron .* Although the day and games were marked by tragedy, Olympians know their lives are at risk almost every minute of training and competition. Sadly that does not wash away the unfortunate circumstances of how Georgia's young luger lost his life practicing just hours before the opening ceremonies.

But ask any past, present or future Olympic athlete: Is that one moment in time worth the heart-stopping risks of failure, defeat or worse? Many suspect they all would respond the same: Without a doubt. To be a part of all this, wouldn't you?
*In NBC video- scroll to 1 hr 25 min to see the indoor & outdoor lighting.

This is what they train for all their lives, to live out their dream pursuing their passion without reservation, and to represent their country during the finest achievement of their lives. God speed to all of them, and may fortune yet favor the bold.

Each day during the games, the Forecast Team will provide selected media in this page to give you the Whistler-Vancouver perspective having visited the metropolis by the mountains several times. We also hope to add daily snowfall forecasts as weather conditions improve...but for now, drink up this video spot. You can almost feel the wind on your face:

The Whistler 2010 Zone Banner in the left sidebar will feature a quick daily list of events as published in NBC's Competitions Schedule. If you discover additional links or media you want featured on this page, please leave a note in the comments for Mr. Foot, or email directly. We still seek the consummate powderhound who has ripped at Whistler and could help us forecast weather during the games.*
*Any student forecasts generated on this site for Whistler are unofficial and not affiliated with the Vancouver 2010 Committee, the US Olympic Committee, the IOC or NBC.

FRIDAY 2.12.2010 The Foot's Forecast Team seeks the quintessential Powderhound: An airdog who knows forecasting...and has ripped at North America's largest adventure resort: Whistler-Blackcomb in British Columbia. Believe in history with us by providing readers with pow-on forecasts for Whistler as the world unites to watch our athletes reach that pinnacle of lifelong preparation: The Olympic Games. Talk about good timing? Three eastern U.S. snowstorms to guarantee millions just stay home to enjoy NBC's awe-inspiring, wall-to-wall coverage of the daily games the next two weeks.

Warren Miller, the penultimate snowsports videographer of our time, once said: "Every rider dreams of coming here, and then dreams of coming back." Want to dream big? Sleep in the shadow of two ginormous mountains each with a mile of vertical, containing 750+ miles of trails covering 8,000 acres of skiable terrain. Shred that pow for six months might hit every run. Today, the world learns just how big Whistler, and British Columbia really are. How about 32 FEET of snow "big."

Like Shaun White said, we've all climbed a mountain alone, but our team climbs together. Is there is a stoked "rider-reader" out there who can rip this double black: Generate snowfall forecasts and slope conditions during the February 2010 Olympic Games* and March 2010 Paralympic Games.* Game for testing your air in the largest pipe yet? *Our forecasts are unofficial and not affiliated with NBC, Whistler, the USOC or the IOC.

When you're ready to carve up the student forecasting arena with another scoop from the Internet's finest weather team, email Mr. Foot  Featured: Mr. Catalfo, Dundalk Adventure Club's Whistler 2004 Student Director above the "Roundhouse" on 4/6/2004. For Mid-Atlanticans or Dixie folks just looking for a forecast or ideas on the upcoming storm, see the President's Day III post or the Dixie Kahuna Zone.

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