Saturday, February 6, 2010

More snow on a snowday?

11:00 AM SUNDAY 2.7.2010  NOAA Storm Summary 7 includes snow totals from across the Mid-Atlantic, such as 28.0" in Johnstown, PA and an NWS spotter report of 40.0" in Colesville, MD.

As over 50 million people across the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest dig out from one of the most recent "Kahunageddon" in years, few will find solace knowing several more storms lurk in the Groundhog's shadow. A new "Big Kahuna" is on deck Tuesday night into Wednesday. Snow could reach significant criteria (4" +) across the same areas impacted Saturday. Want more snowpocalypse? NWS Watches and Warnings already extend 2,000 miles from California to Indiana. Below is a radar simulation projected for 7 AM Wednesday 2.10.2010 from the North American Mesoscale (NAM) model.

Team statement: Winterman 
First call:  Forecaster Ryan, Winter Stormcast Zone.

Be mindful the previous event pales in comparison to the post-earthquake suffering across Haiti. Yet, the hardy souls of your county and state highway workers also face hardship in their service, as well as EMS, police, firefighters, utility crews and countless thousands of contractors. Their jobs are challenging enough without Mother Nature throwing multiple curve balls. Hope is on the way: last calendar check shows Spring still scheduled for arrival at 5:32 PM on March 20, 2010. (If we can dig out in time to welcome it).

AN HISTORICAL WEEK IN MANY WAYS The tireless efforts of our student forecast team, the Crossroads collaborators and their teachers were warmly recognized by media outlets across the Baltimore-Washington metro areas. We appreciate the  coverage on collaboration, rigor and relevance can lead to positive relationships for students whom place daily value in their education. But one group deserves some thanks also...

READERS SINCE JANUARY 2004 We cannot overlook the real heavy-lifters of this site.  Media coverage is exciting, yet the day-to-day encouragement comes from diehard loyalty of our readers who over the years have spread the word about the site to the far ends of North America. Whether through friends, on iPhones, by email, in classrooms, offices or while shoving snow, READERS have grown this site to where it is today. The students and teachers in the Baltimore County Public Schools for whom it was originally designed over six years ago know about and appreciate your faithful following.

SATURDAY 2.6.2010 Kahuna Kudos to Meteorologist Justin Berk of Baltimore's ABC2 news, whom interviewed Mr. Foot for the 11:00 AM broadcast. We are honored that Mr. Berk devoted time to share in the accomplishments of students from our Forecast Team, the Student Climate Collaborative and Baltimore County's Crossroads Center.

SINCE EARLY LAST WEEK Tsnownamic thanks to Jack, Erin and Tracey of 95.1 Shine FM ; JoJo & Reagan's Mix 106.5 Morning Show for extending a fun and upbeat welcome of our team's efforts to the airwaves. Both DJ's interviewed Mr. Foot over several days in advance of and during the SuperKahuna. We hope to collaborate again and directly feature members of the Forecast Team, in case another Kahunageddon approaches.

SINCE EARLY 2009  Frank Roylance, science and weather reporter for The Baltimore Sun, has been steadfast in supporting this site, referencing our forecasts as well as highlighting student contributions from this site in the paper read by a million Marylanders. Frank is such a deft, spot-on writer and we enjoy his writing on a daily basis. Thanks Mr. Frank!

Finally, if you believe the Foot's Forecast team was overly "snowmageddon-like" in calling for accumulations which might exceed 24 inches, then please compare to this "under the top" Snopocalyptic video provided by none other than Sit down first.

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