Saturday, March 13, 2010

"A River Runs Through It"
The 1992 drama based on the 1976 novel by Norman Maclean

9:30 AM TUESDAY 3.16.2010  When residents across the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and New England say they have "had it up to here" with water (hand to top of neck), it is meant in a figurative AND literal sense. As shown by the Mid-Atlantic River Forecast Center, numerous creeks, streams and rivers are swelled and are reaching flood stage today. In New York and New England, dozens of rivers are above flood stage, as shown by the Northeast River Forecast Center, prompting multiple states to announce emergency declarations due to the flood threat. Residents there know the feeling when you say "A River Runs Through It."

7:30 AM MONDAY 3.15.2010
The majority of heavy rain has now moved into New England. Rain which fell across eastern New York onto areas with snowcover will only add to significant downstream flooding as streams south of Cooperstown, NY drain through the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  It may take several days before this water input is observed through the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania and down the Potomac River in Maryland.

Remember: If you encounter a water-covered roadway, the actual depth is much greater than it appears. Do the right thing: Turn Around, Don't Drown. It is not worth losing your life for that quick trip to the store.

NEW ZONES & COMMUNITIES The Forecast Team is pleased to announce the development of The Capital Zone, led by Forecaster Jason M. of Calvert County, MD. In addition, the Long Range Zone has been updated with details from Forecaster Ryan K. for the second half of March. Another new feature just launched is Foot's Forecast: Southeast! This is our first regional Facebook page for the southeastern U.S., led by Forecaster Daniel Ross. The current Facebook page will then focus on the Mid-Atlantic, and led by the always spot-on Forecaster Winterman.

HEY, IT COULD BE WORSE: The Superstorm of March 1993.

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