Wednesday, March 17, 2010

but looking for luck in the flooded Northeast

7:15 AM WEDNESDAY 3.17.2010  It is an appropriate turn of events to have such improved weather on this St. Patrick's Day of 2010. Our thoughts go to those in the Northeast reeling from the "Pour'easter" floods, and will need all the help they can get to dry out. Hopefully today's golden sunshine we found at end of the rainbow will help.

Our Wednesday Outlook:
For the Mid-Atlantic and Ohio Valley:  Sunny with highs in the low to mid 60's. For the Northeast, portions of which remain under flood warnings: Sunny but breezy with highs in the low 60's. The Southeast: Unfortunately, the rainbow did not extend as far south as hoped, for a low pressure system in southern Georgia will produce rainshowers for much of today across the eastern Gulf coast and lower southeastern states. Details in the Georgia-N. Florida Zone.

NEW FEATURES & SITE UPDATE: The Forecast Team is pleased to announce The Capital Zone, led by Forecaster Jason M. of Calvert County, MD. Also just launched on Sunday our first regional facebook page...Foot's Forecast: Southeast, led with southern charm by Forecaster Daniel Ross. The current facebook page stays with the Mid-Atlantic, led by the ever spot-on Forecaster Winterman. Forecaster Ryan K. has been busy again with an overview of the second half of March in the Long Range Zone. He is also developing a new travel forecast feature: The Spring Break Zone with a focus on what to expect in warmer locales for this coming weekend, the period March 26 to 31, and the first week of April to follow.

AS FOR THE NEW DOMAIN Under advisement from several school systems in Maryland, we are navigating the new site domain to  By the end of today, all browsers should point there, regardless if you use the .org /  .us  / .blogspot. With a few days, the domain will disappear entirely, thus solving the problem that many encountered with school filtering systems. Thanks everyone for your patience during this switch - many great days are ahead as we move toward a new site.

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