Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Walking on sunshine..."
- lyrics from 1985 single by Katrina & The Waves

10:45 PM THU 4.1.2010
After the fury of Pour'easter II like so many previous storms this year, many of you were walking on sunshine today. Friday, temperatures across the most of the Eastern U.S. will continue climbing into the upper 70's to low 80's. For the first time since last fall, the entire Eastern U.S. will be blessed with a nice weekend.

Despite wonderful sunshine, our hearts and prayers are extended to residents in the Northeast reeling from the second major flood in three weeks as observed by the Northeast River Forecast Center. It is no surprise the National Weather Service in New York City reported this to be the wettest March on record for some these areas. For example, Central Park, received 10.69 inches of rain for all of March.

- Providence News Journal. Even more stunning is rainfall observations in Rhode Island from Wednesday 3.31A similar 10" of rain actually fell ALL IN ONE DAY across parts of Rhode Island, as shown below in the Significant Event Report from the Taunton, MA NWS Office or click the image for a larger version. Flood Warnings are extended to 5:30 PM today across much of southern New England.

However, data and charts mask the true suffering of people whose lives, dreams and vacation plans were suddenly swept away by this latest round of an harsh El Nino-influenced season thus far. The enclosed MSNBC video gives a sense of how tough it will be some residents faced with resurrecting livelihoods and towns already strained under a difficult recession for many. We wish them Godspeed, hoping the sunshine dries the flood and warms the heart.

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