Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Lead Forecaster: Nicholas Scirico

5:20 PM WED 5.19.2010 Hello to our New York metro area readers welcome to the Tri-State Region. This zone will focus on the three-state intersection of northeast New Jersey, the NYC metro area, southeast New York State, western Long Island and southwest Connecticut. Nicholas Scirico, a student meteorologist at North Carolina State who hails from Albany with a heart for the Big Apple is the lead forecaster for this region.

INTO THE WEEKEND The area should see nice weather for the next few days as the storm system which dropped considerable rain recently has finally departed. By the weekend, another batch of wet conditions could pave their way into this area, making for a not-so-perfect mid-May weekend. The temperatures for the next few days will include upper 70's in the area tomorrow, with temperatures throughout the area near 80 on Friday.
- Forecaster Ryan K.
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The Bayshore Zone
Forecasting and analysis for Delaware and the Maryland Eastern Shore
FORECASTERS: Ryan Krimm & Aaron Salter |

7:30 PM THURS 7.22.10  

Good evening bayshore! Tonight temps will be in the mid 70's with mostly clear skies. Tomorrow temps will be in the low 90's with mostly sunny skies. There is a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms towards the evening. Tomorrow night temps will be in the upper 70's with clear skies. If your looking for great crabs, head over to West Ocean City and go to Hoopers. Have a great night! - Forecaster Aaron Salter

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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2PM THUR 6/2/2010 Pleasant weather is more so likely in store for this region today! That is the case at least in the early parts of the day. Warm temperatures are likely in the area, and afternoon thunderstorms are going to follow. Temperatures around the region are currently in the mid to upper 80's with nice weather in most parts. However, thunderstorms are beginning to develop in the southern parts of the zone and are heading north into unstable areas. The storms should continue to pop up and become more widespread as the afternoon grows on. If severe weather breaks, check the Severe Storm Center for up to the minute updates from forecaster Jason M. Forecaster Ryan

4:40 PM WED 5/23/2010 Sorry for the delay, but the zone operation has been the topic of discussion for the past few days. I forecaster Ryan, will operate the zone until someone is brought on to run this area. The weather for the late afternoon and early evening today looks to be partly cloudy, with isolated thunderstorms possible throughout the area. The storms could be strong, but will be pulse like storms set off by instability if they develop. The storms will likely diminish after sunset due to the lack of instability from daytime heating. Lows tonight should be anywhere between 63-67 throughout the area from northern sections right down to the coast. As for the day on Thursday, the area looks to be mainly sunny, with highs near the 90 degree mark and only the slightest chance for precipitation. If anything pops up in the forecast, I'll be sure to keep you posted. 

8:30 PM TUE 5.18.2010 Hello to our southern weather kin and welcome to the all-new Alabama and Mississippi zone, developed by Forecaster Ryan K. This being next in line for forecasting coverage, we decided it was time to launch forth! Currently the team is seeking to recruit a highly regarded forecaster to lead and collaborate with others in covering the Alabama-Mississippi region. This zone is a key area as it borders the Gulf of Mexico and is vulnerable to tropical cyclone activity during the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Here are the forecasts for some selected regions around the dual-state area.

TUPELO Mainly sunny in the morning, becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon. High 84. In the evening, thunderstorms could begin to approach the area of the west, low 65. Chance of rain 30% in the evening.
JACKSON Partly Cloudy. A slight chance of a thunderstorm throughout the afternoon. High 90. Lows around 67.
BILOXI Mostly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms in the morning. High around 87. Low of 69. Chance of rain 30%.

BIRMINGHAM Partly Cloudy with a slight chance of thunderstorms. High 86 with a low near 70. Chance of rain 20%.
MONTGOMERY Sunny. High 87 with a low of 60. (Too far east to receieve any precipitation.
MOBILE Partly Cloudy and warm with a high near 90. A chance of thunderstorms developing later in the afternoon with lows in the evening near 64. Chance of rain 30%.

OIL WATCH It has been reported that the oil is washing up along the shores of the Gulf Coast. The spill has only been minimally contained and the coverage of the oil is spreading throughout the Gulf of Mexico into the loop current. Although the current impacts are mainly on Louisiana beaches, soon AL and MS beaches could be affected.

Monday, May 17, 2010

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The Carolinas Zone
NC State Forecasters: Erik P., Drew D.  Advisor: Forrest P.
Team Contributors: Forecasters Ryan Krimm and Daniel Ross

4:25 PM TUESDAY 5.18.2010 
Much needed rain across North Carolina today may help many yards which have been brown for quite some time to turn back toward green. However, the rain  has shown first signs it is leaving the region for the next few days. Wednesday's weather should feature only the slightest chance for storms in the mountains, with more tranquil conditions in the Piedmont. - Forecasters Ryan K. and Drew D.

Charlotte Mostly cloudy with only a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms.
High 80 with lows dropping to near 60. Chance of rain 10%
Raleigh Cloudy with a slight chance of thunderstorms. High near 75 with lows around 58. Chance of rain 20%. 

Columbia Mainly sunny throughout the day. High around 86 and a low of 61.
(No chance of rain.)
Myrtle Beach Partly cloudy with only a slight chance of coastal thunderstorms.
High 83 with a low of 63. Chance of rain 15%. 

12:05 AM MONDAY 5.17.2010 Hello and welcome to the new Carolinas Zone! This is Forecaster Ryan. Our team has designed this main site page to complement the the excellent forecast work being done by our reliable North Carolina team of Erik, Drew and Forrest. Here is the first forecast for some of the selected cities in the forecast area for tomorrow. 

Charlotte Rain, heavy at times. High 74. Rainfall accumulations of 3/4'' to 1 1/2''. Chance of rain 100%. 
Raleigh Rain. High 71. Rainfall accumulations up to 1''. Heaviest rain expected in the afternoon. Chance of rain 90%. 

Columbia Rain with a few rumbles of thunder possible in the afternoon. Rainfall accumulations up to 1''. High 81. Chance of rain 70%.
Myrtle Beach Rain and Thunderstorms. Rainfall could reach 1'' and exceed 1'' in the heavier thunderstorms. High 78. Chance of rain 70%. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

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 Crown's Second Jewel: Lookin at Lucky

6:30 PM SAT 5.15.2010 Congratulations to the owner and jockey of Lookin At Lucky for being victorious in the 2010 Preakness Stakes. The smashing blue skies made for a photo finish of a superb day, helped by lighter winds and temperatures in the mid 70's as projected by Central Maryland Forecaster Greg J. Thanks to all our forecasters and readers for the fun of covering this unique tradition the past few days. Preak On!

All-American Day in Maryland

11:30 AM SAT 5.15.2010
Glorious sunshine and moderate breezes will make for a wonderful day to celebrate the most exciting two minutes in Maryland sports. An early streak of luck has already set for today's wagers, as much improved conditions look to following last night's storms. By today's post time of 6:18 PM EDT at Pimlico Race Course in Montgomery County, MD, despite breezes of 10-15 mph, the 74 F and  sunshine will make you feel so nice, it won't matter if you don't win, place or show in the 135th Preakness Stakes! Follow race forecast updates on our Central MD Facebook page.

Although we have our preak on today for what some consider to be Baltimore's Mardi Gras, there's much more history and revelry than just the edgier infieldfest . This is an gallant event steeped in tradition which is also promenade of who's who across the Mid-Atlantic region. It is a privilege  for the Foot's Forecast Central Maryland Team to showcase some nice weather in welcoming all our readers to a fine slice of Americana right here in Charm City. Photo: Hat's Off article in Baltimore Magazine.

I GOT THE HORSE RIGHT HERE. Remember the fun opening tune "Fugue for Tinhorns" from Guys and Dolls? Since today's weather is clear, is your horse the one who "can do?" If so, vote on our poll.  Mr. Foot of course is rooting for "Schoolyard Dreams"  followed by Lookin At Lucky, with Super Saver for good measure. What's your pick? Note: No member or affiliate of the Forecast Team is using reader votes to place bets of any kind for today's race, nor do we have any financial interest from or for the event.

Monday, May 3, 2010

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The Georgia-East Tennessee Zone
Visit our Facebook Foot's Forecast: Southeast | Severe Weather Twitter Feed
E-mail  Forecaster Daniel Ross: Georgia Institute of Technology 

UPDATE 5.17.2010 10:00 P.M.
Sorry for the extreme lack in updating. Finals got in the way toward the end of April/early May. 

Anyway, the weather in our area has been mostly quiet with a few tornadoes running through the Tennessee area. Over the next few weeks, tornado will come to a close and hurricane season will start up. It'll be interesting to see how the weakening El Nino will affect the tracks this year. 

The stationary front currently over our area will transition into a cold front and will move south into southern Georgia and North Florida, continuing the pop up thunderstorms typical to those areas. Now that this front has passed, we won't see any significant chances of precipitation for a while (although isolated showers/thunderstorms are possible).

Coming Soon: The Socioeconomics of the Oil Spill: An Editorial

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

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Southeast Zones

The link below each banner connects you with latest updates from the Forecast Team dedicated to that region. NOTE: This format is experimental, under construction and part of our transition to a new website coming in June.

Team: Daniel, Chris D., Chrissy W.