Saturday, September 11, 2010

Your Headquarters for Foot's Forecast: Mid-Atlantic

4:30 pm Sunday 10.17.2010  This is the headquarters for your daily "lead story" overview of reports from all our forecast zones across the Mid-Atlantic. We will be posting the updates from our multi-state teams, including coveted Central Maryland, to persistent Central Pennsylvania, to the ever-consistent Capital Region of DC & Southern Maryland. Please check back for specific details and updates in this section to be posted this evening. This is part of our long-term coordinated strategy to provide all our readers with rapid access to our latest reporting region-by-region in a simplified format.
(Forecaster Foot - Dundalk, MD)

Each banner connects you with latest updates from the Forecast Team dedicated to that region. Heading into summer, we are in search of high school students, citizen forecasters or student meteorologists interested in becoming the "face with the place" of weather in their region. If you want to blaze that trail with us, Contact the team:

CAPITAL REGION                                 CENTRAL MARYLAND
DC - Southern MD - Richmond                            Belair - Frederick - Annapolis
CENTRAL PA                                         THE BAYSHORE
York - State College - Altoona                   Delaware & Maryland Eastern Shore
        Wilkes-Barre/Scranton- Lehigh Valley

In addition to their hard work in launching our multi-state collaborative team, the forecasters featured below also maintained extremely challenging schedules this past winter and spring. We are in search of additional members to try their hand at zone forecasting in Western PA, Northeast Ohio or Northern Virginia to Western MD.

WHY THE CHANGE? For one, our Penn State student meteorologists are on exciting but time-consuming assignments. Northeast Ohio Forecaster Matt Alto, a PSU senior is currently on an internship at Accu-Weather in State College, PA. About-to-graduate Western PA Forecaster Jon Kegges is at a summer job back at his hometown of Pittsburgh. Southeast PA Forecaster Christine McEnrue has headed west for the summer to an internship in Green Bay, Wisconsin! Western MD-NOVA Forecaster Karl is in a new career absorbing 12+ hours of his day. As you can see, they are rather busy these days. They would welcome additional contributors to help maintain these zones as a show of our appreciation for what this superb team did bringing us to the present day.

HOW TO JOIN? Review details in the Forecast Team Application Page and send your letter of interest to You don't have to be a college student meteorologist as we welcome weather enthusiasts of all ages, whether high school students or professionals in the field. Your letter will be forwarded to several members of the team for review, and we'll reconnect with you within a day. We're ready to dive in whenever you are!

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