Saturday, June 19, 2010

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This is PasadenaMatt, the Public Safety monitor for the Forecast Team. We have researching this new page for some time, and I am pleased to present it as we head toward the end of winter and upcoming weather events.
All Hazards Approach
6:45 PM Saturday 6.19.2010  Hello Everyone. Since it is Hurricane Season, I thought I would update this section so everyone can prepare for a safe Hurricane Season. Hurricanes bring dangerous winds, rain, flooding, tornados, and storm surge. The best approach is an all hazards approach. Being prepared for all types of weather and emergencies is very important. People think that even a Tropical Storm or weak Hurricane is not a big deal but these small weaker storms can still pack the punch.

During this quiet time of hurricane tracking, it is best to prepare for your families for these storms. Get a kit, Make a plan, and stay informed.

Get a Kit
Making a kit can be easy and not expensive. You can buy the supplies when they are on sale or you can go to the Dollar Store and find cheaper supplies.

What Every Kit Should Have In It:
  • Clean Water-Atleast 1 gallon per person for atleast 3 days (The More the Better)
  • Non-Perishable Food-Powdered Milk, Peanut Butter, Crackers, Powdered Potato Mix, etc. (Atleast 3 Days but more the better).
  • Radio-The Best are Battery Powdered, Hand-Cranked, or even solar powdered.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Extra Perscription and Non-Perscription Medicine
  • Flash Lights
  • Batteries
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Sleeping Bags (If you have to evacuate to a shelter)
  • Local Maps (If you have to evacuate to a shelter)
  • List of Important Phones
  • Land-line Phone (Really Good For Power Outages)
Make a Plan
Make a plan determining what you will do for all hazards. During most emergencies, everyone isnt always in the same place at the right time. Have a list of important numbers and numbers for extended family members. Have a plan for where you will meet during emergencies.

Stay Informed
Be informed is very important. Knowledge for all hazards is the best aproach. Being prepared for hurricane season is important but you should also be informed for all hazards all year long.

Some Important Links for More Information:

4:45 PM FRI 3.12.2010  A Major rainstorm is affecting the Mid-Atlantic Region throughout the weekend. 2-3+ inches of rain is likely over many areas. Expect flooding conditions in areas that have poor drainage and low-lying areas. The National Weather Service has issued many Advisories, Watches and Warnings across the eastern seaboard. If you live near poor drainage areas or low-lying areas, you should monitor the water conditions. Power outages are likely do the saturation of the ground.

IF Roads are Flooded DO NOT drive through them.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

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8:20 AM SUN 6.13.2010
From June 11-18, our Sailcast Team has been recruited to forecast for the 17th Biennial Bermuda Ocean Race (BOR) sponsored by The Annapolis, MD based Eastport Yacht Club and the St. George's Dinghy & Sports Club in Bermuda. Below is the graphical "Rhumb Line" forecast issued to all race participants and you can follow progress of the flotilla en route to Bermuda on an interactive boat mapper from Our latest synopsis and forecast discussion is posted in the section below for all race participants to access via their satellite phone.

The current NWS Marine Forecast for the Mid-Atlantic waters. A low pressure system which produced showers and storms overnight has moved northeast of the flotilla. Southwest flow will increase to 10-15 kts today into Monday. Tonight and Monday, showers and storms will redevelop between the Baltimore and Hatteras Canyons ahead of a cold front departing the east coast. By late Monday this front stalls between 75W and 70W as a high builds in S and E of the waters off New England. The front will push southeast and will set off squalls and storms along  the Rhumb Line Tuesday night into Wednesday. By Wednesday a northeast to easterly fetch sets up between 70W and 60W, with the risk of squalls and storms continuing as the flotilla approaches the island by Friday. Fair winds to all competitors! 

SUN-MON Winds increase from the SW.
Rain threats are primarily brief showers.
MON-TUE Winds back from SW to SE
as a front stalls near the east coast.
WED-FRI The front pushes south, E to NE
fetch develops as seas build to 4-7 feet
while squalls move along the frontal boundary.

The Surf & Sail Zone is a specialty forecast product focusing on wind, waves and weather along the Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic coast. We will be developing specialized wind forecasting products for fellow sailing enthusiasts. What experience do we have on the water? Mr. Foot and his family, owning waterfront property along the Chesapeake Bay's Elk River, have been recreational boaters and sailors all their lives. Among our accomplishments includes a week-long independent sail in the British Virgin Islands one week aboard a 42-foot pontoon hobie. Stay on our crew this summer and we can help your surf & sail plans from getting "in irons!" This zone will be a companion to the Bayshore Region, covering land-based forecasting for eastern Maryland and Delaware. If you'd like to see your coastal-oriented event featured, please contact us at

Surface streamlines: USNJ | DE | MD | Radar: Dover & coastal radar