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Northeast Pennsylvania
A new zone that covers the weather in the Eastern/Northeast PA area.
Coverage Included In: The Lehigh Valley, Poconos, Scranton, and Williamsport
Forecasters: Andrew Fleck (Northampton CC) & Hunter Outten

November Is Here, And Winter Is Near

"It's beginning that time folks, the time where leaves are ending their fall, cold nights are creeping into the day, the time where rain falls as snow and white becomes the seasonal color until thaw."

This years winter is going to be different from last years as patterns have swapped from El-Nino to La-Nina.  What does this mean?  Well a general El-Nino winter is one like last year, a lot of snow and a longer winter.  A La-Nina winter can be milder, with still some snow, but the predominant precipitation being ice, the winter however can change from cold to warm within a heart-beat.  

Pattern From 11.1.201-11.7.2010
Since this years pattern has gone from El-Nino to La-Nina we are expecting that the most cold and wintry conditions begin early, meaning November, December and the first half of January.  That can already be felt as some areas in the zone saw some flurries falling on Halloween.  

So now, where do we go from here?  Well things are going to progress colder and stormier throughout this upcoming month.  We can expect that this month temperatures are going to begin with high's ranging in the low 50's and high 40's, low's should keep in the 20's and 30's.  As November takes it's end half temperatures are going to get even colder, high's only in the 40's and low's strictly in the 20's of course the more South 30's.  There should be only some snow showers affecting any area for the first half, but by the second half of November especially into December high snow chances are going to increase.  That's right folks I said the second half as in late November, be sure to stay tuned.  (Forecaster Fleck)    

    Monday, August 23, 2010

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    Our team featured in the media

    7 years of spot-on weather 
    Since January 2004, has been providing locally relevant weather forecasts and incident management services to an expanding national readership. With 40 members in 13 states, we are the largest student/professional forecasting consortium in the United States today. Our site received 1 million hits in February 2011 and averages 10,000 visits daily from readers in all 50 states. During the January 25-26, 2011 Mid-Atlantic "snow monsoon" the site received 140,000 hits from across North America. Our facebook forecast posts reach nearly 60,000 daily readers in seven metro markets. Since January 2010, visits to our main site in combination with our 20+ regional facebook forecast pages, total over 120 million hits from all 50 states and 100+ countries. (Screen shot: Mid-Atlantic Winter Stormcast Zone insights on Facebook)

    Third-party coverage Press coverage of our team began with a March 2005 article by reporter Bill Gates of the Dundalk Eagle in southeast Baltimore County, Maryland. Starting in Winter 2009, our members have been featured numerous times in print, TV and internet media across Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic including this special feature by ABC-2 in Baltimore, MD by Meteorologist Justin Berk. In recent months the pace of media attention has increased. The latest media event was April 12, 2011, where three members of the team were featured on a national radio net broadcast called WeatherBrains. Earlier in April, Lead Forecaster Matt B. of Central Florida was interviewed on the internet radio program Barometer Bob from Georgia.

    In addition, our students and advisors  have participated in a mosaic of public events in between all the forecasting including conference presentations. Despite increasing media attention, our forecasters retain their humility and work ethic. Our advisors continue to provide technical and personal support as the team advances through their educational careers and beyond. The section below is a chronology of media features about the Foot's Forecast Team.

    On Wednesday, April 13, 2011 members of the Maryland Team presented at an educational technology conference at the Baltimore Convention Center. (L to R) Forecaster Connor M. from Atholton High School, Media Strategist Diandre Williams from Baltimore County and Forecaster Nikki Byers from the College of Southern Maryland in St. Mary's  County. Also presenting were  MD Team Administrator Aaron Salter and Lead Advisor Mr. Foot

    Spring 2011

    4/13/2011 - Team conference presentation 
    "Foot's Forecast: A collaborative opportunity for your students"

    4/12/2011 - WeatherBrains
    Foot's Forecast Team interviewed Team members Mr. Foot from Dundalk, MD, Storm Chaser Vince Webb from Brandon, MS and Advisor Forrest Palmer from Atlanta, GA were guests on the weekly internet radio program "WeatherBrains" broadcast from Birmingham, Alabama. Radio hosts were James Spann and Bill Murray. The team extends their thanks to program sponsors The Weather Company and of ABC affiliates Channel 33/40. 
    Episode # 272: Weblink | Audio link (scroll to 12 mins for interview) 

    4/4/2011 - WeatherBrains
    Advisor Mike Mogil interviewed The hosts of WeatherBrains welcomed Meteorologist and NOAA Weather Camp coordinator H. Michael Mogil of Naples, FL to the weekly broadcast. Mr. Mogil discussed his weather education company, How The Weatherworks, the NOAA Careers Camps program and his linkages with Foot's Forecast.

    Show Episode # 271: Weblink | Audio link

    March 2011 - Barometer Bob: Forecaster Matt Bolton interviewed

    Winter 2010-2011
    2/9/2011 - Dundalk Eagle
    "Local weather service called a national model
    -Sara Blumberg

    1/25/2011 - Carroll County Times
    "Weather or not: Rain changing to snow" - Brandon Oland

    1/24/2011 - Baltimore Sun
    "...forecast leans...changing to snow"  - Frank Roylance

    1/21/2011 - Odenton Patch
    "Five of our favorite weather websites"  - Tim Lemke

    1/10/2011 - Annapolis Capital
    "Storm may dump up to 5 inches"

    1/6/2011 - Maryland Life Magazine
    "Foot's Forecast"  - Shirley Grace, Photo by Eli Meir Kaplan

    12/21/2010 - MPT Maryland Public Television 
    Live studio interview for Direct Connection  - Jeff Salkin

    12/18/2010 - Carroll County Times
    "Snow on Christmas Day possible"   - Brandon Oland

    12/18/2010 - WMAR ABC2 (Youtube video )
    " 2009-10:  One For The Record Books"  - Justin Berk

    12/15/2010 - Dundalk Eagle
    "Whither Winter?"  - Bill Gates

    Fall 2010
    11/4/2010 - Severna Park Voice
    "Nine Questions with Rich Foot"John Singleton

    10/15/2010 - Baltimore Running Examiner 

    Summer 2010
    7/14/2010 - Dundalk Eagle
    "Hot times are coming." - Bill Gates

    7/1/2010 - WJZ CBS Channel 13 
    "Amateur Forecasters Create Hurricane Exercise" -Mike Schuh

    7/7/2010 - Carroll Community Times
    Winter-Spring 2010
    2/17/2010 - Maryland Public Television
    "Taking the area by storm..." - Jeff Salkin

    2/15/2010 - Dundalk Eagle
    2/10/2010 - WYPR 88.1 Public Radio
    (on-air interview with Dan Rodricks of Midday Connection)

    2/8/2010 - Baltimore Sun
    "...uncannily accurate with storms this winter..." - Frank Roylance

    2/5/2010 - ABC2 News
    (on-air interview with Meteorologist Justin Berk)

    2/4/2010 - MIX 106.5 FM
    (morning interview with JoJo & Reagan)

    2/4/2010 - Example from the blogosphere
    "Totally random: Foot's Forecast"

    1/26/2010 - SHINE 95.1 FM
    (Wed PM 1/26 afternoon interview  - Jack & Erin for 1/30 storm)

    12/19/2009 - Baltimore Sun
    "Ready...set, snow. " - Frank Roylance

    Back in the day...
    March 2007 - Dundalk Eagle
    (article about Dundalk High-based Foot's  Forecast) - Bill Gates

    9/21/2005 - The Houston Chronicle SciGuy Blog
    September 2005
    The Providence Journal "Citizen weather forecasting"

    OUR 2010 "YEARBOOK"
    This section is an archival record to familiarize you, our readers, clients and media partners with past activities of these enterprising young men and women.

    JUNE-JULY 2010 The first day of July 2010 was one of those exciting leaps forward for the team. Forecasters Ryan K., Greg J., Evan S. and Advisor Aaron Salter participated in a hurricane simulation exercise at the Baltimore County Emergency Operations Center in Towson, MD. This was to test emergency response to the effects of a Category 1/2 Hurricane making landfall near the coast of MD/VA. Our gratitude is extended to County Executive Jim Smith, Lt. Mark Demski and Emergency Specialist Jay Ringgold for their strong support of these efforts to provide our forecasters with real-life exposure to how public agencies manage high impact weather situations.

    Among the activities of late include a team presentation at the June 2010 Conference of the MD Emergency Management Association. Last month, we have welcomed to the Southeast Team Ms. Chrissy Warrilow, a certified Tri-State Facebook Forecast Page. In early and mid-June, Forecasters Aaron and Mr. Foot provided forecasting services in the Surf & Sail Zone to the bi-annual Bermuda Ocean Race sponsored by the Annapolis, MD Eastport Yacht Club. Captain Larry Vazzano and the crew of the Wharf Rat, one of the race teams which utilized our products, achieved 1st place in their class. 


    SUMMER 2010
    Surf & Sail Zone: Bermuda Ocean Race | June 2010
    Hurricane Zone: Forecast Resource Page| May-November 2010
    Tropical Zone: Facebook Forecast Page | All seasons
    Team Resource Page: Forecast links and references | All seasons

    SPRING 2010
    Severe Storm Center: Daniel Ross | March-May 2010
    Long Range Analysis: Forecasters Ross & Krimm | Feb-Dec 2010
    Birdland Zone: Greg Jackson | April-October 2010
    Spring Break Zone: Ryan Krimm | March-April 2010
    Earthquake & Volcano Zone: Forecasters Foot & Krimm | March 2010

    WINTER 2009-2010
    Kahunageddon 2010: Reliving our "Fantastic February"
    Weather Safety Zone: PasadenaMatt | Feb-March 2010
    Storm Data Zone: Dakota, Greg, Ryan | Feb-March 2010

    Winter Stormcast Zones 
    Jan 2010 # 1Jan 2010 # 2
    February 1-15, 2010 | Feb-Mar 2010 Kahunacast Zone
    Winter 2010 Olympics: Mr. Foot | Feb 2010
    Student Climate Collaborative: Baltimore students | 11/09-3/10

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    August Heat 


    8:50 AM SUN 8.08.2010
    Dangerously hot conditions will being Monday into Thursday for the Eastern U.S. and Mid-West. Temperatures in this time period will range from 90-100 if not higher. Mix this with dew points in the upper 60's and low 70's and it begins to feel like 100+. Entire states are under Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat advisories on the current NWS map. In areas noted by orange on this map, heat indices will range from 100°  to 110° in daylight hours this weekend. The culprit is a high pressure ridge across the southeast, now building northward. The ridge looks to peak Wednesday and begin to be replaced by Friday.
    While we recognize many workers in public safety and entertainment are required to be outdoors, including police, fire, utility crews and even amusement park staff - we urge everyone to stay hydrated, take frequent breaks and do not over-exert. (Forecaster Zak Brisko)

    HEAT INDEX / HEALTH RISKS   Important heat safety information from the National Weather Service, and a source for our heat index level system.




    Level 4 Heat Index of 130° or higher: HEATSTROKE LIKELY.

    Norfolk, VA: 2 | Charlottesville, VA: 2 | Washington DC: 2
    Frederick, MD: 2 | Philadelphia, PA: 2 | Harrisburg, PA: 2