Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Vision & Values is a weather forecasting, decision support and education outreach company. Our staff is led by 3-member Administrative Team, a 5-member Advisory Board and an 8-member college student Leadership Team. This supervisory group supports a network of local forecasters in the workforce, pursuing an  Atmospheric Science or related degree, or in high school. 

Our multi-state teams, guided by meteorologists, are passionate about providing our readers an accurate, locally-relevant forecast. We collaborate with clients and professionals in year-round decision support based on meteorologic and climatologic data. We seek continuous innovation from within our members to advance understanding of weather and climate in order to help protect lives and save property.

To open a dialogue with our team regarding student/citizen science outreach, partnerships, client services or investing opportunities, please contact one of the following:

• Team Operations: Aaron Salter (Team application contact )
• Student Outreach: Mr. Forrest Palmer (Team guidance)
• Operating Officer: Mr. Keith Krichinsky (Client services & operations)
• Executive Officer: Mr. Rich Foot (Strategic planning & partnerships) 
• Scientific Advisor: Dr. Nathaniel Winstead (Scientific methodology)  
    For student and professional forecasters in a community to serve local readers with daily, data-based weather forecasts relevant to the culture of the area.

    A market-leading company in collaborative weather forecasting and climate education at the local level. Our decision support model, led by student forecasters, will redefine “local weather” by building trust with the public and engage readers in a scientific conversation about climate. Innovative delivery of weather to the educational system via social media will provide students with employment opportunities across North America, guided by qualified local mentors.


    1. Collaboration to inform the public of weather hazards and climate science through customized, locally relevant products based on data from NOAA’s National Weather Service.

    2. Passion for authentic career opportunities and leadership experience to our students with interest in public service and in serving clients and readers with weather information specific to their needs.

    3. Innovation to improve preparation, coordination and response to high impact events and climate change risks by increasing communication through partnership with emergency management, research institutions, science & technology centers and education outreach programs such as the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Science CAREERS/Weather Camp.


    Legal Foot’s Forecast is registered in the State of Delaware as a Limited Liability Company, has a trade name registration at the Maryland State Department of Taxation and pending trademarks filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Our intellectual property counsel is Bell Nunnally & Martin in Dallas, Texas, and local counsel is Love, Fleming and Bearsch in Bel Air, Maryland.

    Partners Foot’s Forecast is developing a teaming agreement the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, led by the UMBC Shriver Center, a nationally-recognized college service learning and career placement institution. Our multi-state teams collaborate with educators from public school systems in Maryland and Georgia, municipalities in several states, and numerous city, county and state emergency management agencies. 

    Opportunities for Investors  We welcome a dialogue with individuals or organizations which would like to build a long-term support mechanism for students to obtain career-enhancing experience, as well as gain return on investment in helping to promote our products and services. Please contact Keith Krichinsky, Chief Operating Officer, on next steps.

     Richard Foot – Chief Executive Officer/Lead Advisor
    • Keith Krichinsky - Chief Operating Officer/Forecast Advisor
    Bradley LearChief Financial Officer/Senior Advisor

    • Forrest Palmer – Student Outreach Officer
     Nathaniel Winstead, Ph.D - Scientific Advisor
    • H. Michael Mogil - Certified Consulting Meteorologist
    • Justin Berk – Certified Broadcast Meteorologist/Advisor
    Jeffrey Halverson, Ph.D –  Tropical/Severe Weather Advisor
    Patricia Abrahms - Teacher Education Advisor

    Advisory Board members serve as volunteers and receive no compensation or honoraria for student or forecast advising.

    The Foot's Forecast 2011 Vision & Mission Statement was approved 10/10/2011 by the  Advisory Board. 


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