Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love weather? You're in luck.
Consider being an Affiliate Forecaster

Senior Affiliate Forecaster Josh O. from Maryland Weather Center with
Capital Region Lead Forecaster Jason M. and Northern Virginia Forecaster
Kurt H. at the 2012 USA Science & Engineering Festival
Do you chase a squall line with your smartphone, and upload to Youtube before returning home? Have your writing or video skills made you the go-to source for weather at your school, community or place of work? If you are driven by a passion to forecast and live the thrill of weather, consider being an Affiliate Forecaster with us!

Example pages and content from current active Affiliates:

Forecaster Mark Ingalls of southeast Washington state in December 2011 with Mr. Foot at the Seattle conference of the National Science Teachers' Association. Mark started as an Affiliate, became a local forecaster, a regional coordinator and now is Director of the Pacific Northwest Region. He also forecasts on a co-owned page for the Tri-Cities and Mid Columbia area of SE Washington. (Photo taken by U.S. Team spokesperson Aaron Salter, also on the trip)

Affiliate Forecasters are...
  • High school and college students;
  • Weather enthusiasts in the workforce or not currently in school;
  • Meteorologists interested expand education outreach activities.
     A prospective Affiliate is...
    • Experienced in website or graphic design and hyper-local media;
    • Open to collaboration and cross-promotion during major events;
    • Busy with existing responsibilities, but seek interaction with a larger audience, build a following in social media and pursue their passion. 
      How the program works
    • Already forecasting online? Good! We want you to retain your independence, creativity and unique style you developed with your readers. Affiliating with us only expands that outreach.
    • Advantages: When weather breaks, or our team is preparing to work a major event, Affiliates collaborate directly with local or regional team members. If weather is breaking where you are, your site, video and storm reports get the national spotlight on our main page. 
    • Considerations:  An Affiliate can "chime in" as much or as little as their schedule permits. Daily forecasting is not required. We would like to prominently feature a special story or article once or twice a month to our readers in a lead story on our main site. 
    Opportunities for you
    • Increase your exposure and hits. Taking the lead in writing occasional "regional roundups" on yourfor report you do. We are seeking regional forecasters to represent New England, the Midwest, the Southern Plains, the Southwest, the California coast, the Rockies and the Southeast.
    • Conducting localized, specialty forecasting such as Storm Chase reports, video footage and photos of a breaking event. Though none of us receives income for the footage, advertising revenue generated from site traffic is being devoted business cards for all members.
    Interested in next steps?
    Write us a 3 paragraph letter of intent discussing these items: 

    1. How would your readers (and our readers) benefit from an Affiliation between our two organizations?
    2. What roles are you interested in developing over time? (such as regional Affiliate, high impact collaboration or occasional reports).
    3. Why granting your website a link on our page, versus a different organization in your area, is the better choice for us? Forward your email to info@footsforecast.org as an attached Word document to the attention of Nikki Byers, Director of Forecaster Outreach. 
    You can also visit the pages of our current Affiliates to get the real story of how they have benefitted from our partnership.  

    What a Google search will reveal about our forecasters.
    Perhaps your name will appear here someday?

    Bright skies,
    The Leadership Team of Foot's Forecast 

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