Saturday, February 19, 2011

"A great wind is blowing, giving you
either imagination or a headache."
- Attributed to Catherine The Great,
Ruler of the Russian Empire from 1762 to 1796

8:00 AM EST Saturday 2/19/2011 - Bob Dylan would have agreed with Ms. Catherine, great winds are certainly blowing across the nation in more ways than one, and the times they are a'changin. High Wind Warnings (orange) and Wind Advisories are in effect today for areas covering tens of millions of people in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast today. Sustained winds of 25 mph or greater are expected, with gusts over 50 mph common. The departure of a low pressure system into central Canada in combination with a sprawling high pressure system nosing into the U.S. from western Canada has produced this strong northwesterly flow behind last night's cold front. Whether it is windy or not in your region, the dry conditions have led to countless small brush fires yesterday in the East, thus NWS forecast offices have Red Flag Warnings still in effect for the Carolinas and Virginia, as well as west Texas into New Mexico.

IN THE MID-WEST AND WESTERN STATES Though conditions are "only" cold and windy in north central U.S., that will soon change as well. A blanket of Winter Storm Warnings (pink) encompass the Northern Plains to the Upper Great Lakes regions, in anticipation of heavy snow from a vigorous low pressure system just now moving across southern California. Significantly colder temperatures are anticipated for the western third of the U.S. for most of next week, as shown in this graphic from the U.S. Hazards Assessment.

WHAT ABOUT THE NEXT STORM? Details of our early analysis for a potential Winter Weather event in the Mid-Atlantic is detailed in our Winter Stormcast | Mid-Atlantic page and on facebook ( (Forecast Advisors Foot, Lear with input from the Eastern U.S. Team)

A NEW REPORT FROM COLORADO Stormchaser and Forecaster Vincent Webb has been reporting from Denver while attending the National Storm Chaser Convention. He sends this latest video as a preview of interviews planned for later today. View his previous video updates from Pikes Peak and Mount Evans recorded Thursday 2/17 and Friday 2/18 respectively.


Tina said...

It all gives me a head ache:

terpguy said...

<span>I know Wes.  He's an excellent forecaster.  If HE'S confusing, that shows you what a complex scenario this next event is!!</span>

Matt S said...

There are currently multi-alarm brush fires in Anne Arundel, Prince George's, Montgomery, and Baltimore County. Multi Dwellings are on fire due to the brush fires.

Tina said...

I'm at work in Gaithersburg, across from Shady Grove Hospital.  There's a brush fire along the road behind the hospital.  The area is very hazy from smoke and the smell of woodsmoke is even filling my building.  Lots of fire engines about.

somestars said...

The voice of the turtle is heard in the land.  Oh -- did I say "turtle?"  I meant CHAIN SAWS.  So many people trying to get rid of fallen branches from the snow and now The Great Wind.  Branches and big limbs are everywhere.
Looked outside on my deck and saw the glass top precariously perched half-on, half-off my table! That is a heavy piece of glass.  I put it back in place and and 20 minutes later, it had moved again.  Learned my lesson.  Removed it and put it in a safe place until the wind dies down.  This has never happened before and that table has been outside in blizzards and hurricanes!  I'd love to see a history of wind gusts in this area for the last 24 hours.  Wow.

p.s. Mr. Foot - interesting to see Forecaster Webb in short sleeves in Colorado in February!

Matt S said...

Atleast 50 Acres involved in Odenton. 5 Barns have been lost. Fire spreading to dwellings.

catengers said...

Hey it's Rufus, but I just signed in with Google? Whatever.

catengers said...

Somes~ weatherbug UMBC yesterday clocked in WNW @ 59 mph