Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday, 3/24/2011 6 PM EDT

Maybe you won't 136 different kinds of weather today, but there sure are a lot.

West Coast disturbances will continue and eventually emerge into the Plains. Heavy rain will fall on the coastal ranges and heavy mountain snow into the Mountain Ranges of California. The strongest of the series of storms arriving during the day today.

The remains of a yesterday's Eastern storm will quickly move out to sea this morning with some light showers hanging around for a while. Light snow is expected until the weekend along a surface trough located in New England, but there are two scenarios developing. One has any additional accumulations to be light, the other has the trough deepening off of Maine, producing a significant snowfall there. Stay tuned.

Snowfall will occur from east central Montana into the north central Plains.

There will be conditions over The Great Lakes to produce heavy lake-effect snows in some areas. The cold will be record-breaking, and the Northwest winds perfect for this phenomena.

Flood Statements are still a concern throughout the Mississippi, as well as many other saturated areas of the country.

There are frost and freeze watches and warnings throughout the South, while vast areas of the Southwest and Southeast are under Red Flag Warnings. Warm, sunny weather in the Deep South and Lower Mid-Atlantic is on tap for today, but Small Craft Statements have been posted on both Ocean Coasts, and some tribs.

(Advisor Lear)


Andrew said...

what was the 6pm update? looks like the 7 am...

terpguy said...

Changes in some of the other pages...

Andrew said...

well I'm glad it's labeled and easy to find.