Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In like a Lamb, at last...

8:00 PM EST Tue 3/1/2011 After yesterday's wild weather across the nation, March arrived today in rare fashion...like a lamb. As we close out "National Pink Day" temperatures for most of the country are trending toward warmer hues of yellows and pink and away from colder blues.

Despite this welcome calm, many areas in the central and southern states are picking up the pieces from over 300 storm reports on Monday. Though rain has ended for all those affect by yesterday's cold front, widespread Flood Warnings remain throughout the Midwest and Ohio Valley. Our team urges all readers to remember that the best choice when faced with flood waters: Turn Around, Don't Drown. No activity or deadline is so important that it requires placing you and your family at risk by driving or walking into water on roadways.

We are pleased to report weather for the week ahead will remain calm for most of the country. The notable exceptions for today will be the customary windy conditions along the East coast. Winter Weather Advisories / Winter Storm Warnings for the northern Rockies, upper Great Plains and Big Sky Country of Montana. Our next storm system to affect a large area is not expected until at late week...but its presence is already being felt off the Pacific Northwest coast as Hurricane Force Wind Warnings are in effect.

Welcome to March everyone, may it be a month of safety and preparedness for all. (Forecaster Mike N., Apprentice R. Johnson and Advisor Mr. Foot)

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