Sunday, April 10, 2011

All NOT Quiet On The Western Front

Report # 1 - National Severe Weather Summary

9:20 PM EDT Sun 4/10/11
Affiliate Forecaster Josh Owens, St. Mary's County, MD: The week ahead may prove to be very active with severe weather from the Midwest to the Northeast. The Storm Prediction Center has a moderate risk of severe weather for southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. By the way things are forecasted, it seems as if this system will reach parts of eastern Iowa and begin to enter a mass of unstable air. This air will have dew points in the upper 50’s lower 60’s and temperatures in the 80’s, perfect scenario for a severe weather outbreak to occur.
In this possible outbreak, severe thunderstorms and supercells may develop, and tornadoes are expected. Among the biggest threats will be straight-line, damaging winds and hail. By Monday, 4/11 - this system affecting the upper Midwest today will move to the northeast, bringing the risk of severe weather from western New York, western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia, and extreme west Maryland. The image posted left is the convective outlook by the NOAA Storm Prediction Center for Monday morning to Tuesday morning. It shows a 30% probability of severe weather for the northern Mid-Atlantic in this period.

At present, wind damage and small hail are the most likely threats
. All readers are urged to remain alert to changing conditions, and monitor the latest advisories from your local NWS office. Our team also posts storm updates specific to each region. Our regional pages can be found , including the Southeast, Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic. (Affiliate Forecaster Josh Owens, St. Mary's County, MD and Lead Advisor Mr. Foot)
Report # 2 - Midwest Severe Weather Update

9:00 AM CDT Sun 4/10/11
Affiliate Forecaster Joe Puma, Chicago, Illinois: "Our team is tracking the latest on the severe weather outbreak forecasted for Sunday afternoon and evening. This is a major spring storm system, and will bring some major supercell thunderstorms through our area tomorrow night. The Storm Prediction Center has now put our region in the MODERATE RISK category for severe weather. We have a 45 percent chance of severe weather within 15 miles of your home. We are looking at possibly violent tornado outbreak tonight. We urge you remain alert to NWS updates or keep your NOAA Weather Radio close at hand. This is a very dangerous storm system coming together with the potential to produce deadly tornados. We will be bring you the latest here in the Puma Weather Center."

Report # 3 - Foot's Forecast | Mississippi Severe Weather

Storm Chaser/Lead Forecaster Vince Webb: As posted on our new state-based facebook focus on Mississippi severe weather, you can followed Vince's live streaming updates directly from his vehicle when out chasing for WATP-16 in Jackson, MS by visiting
Vince's latest report: "Strong storms will be possible throughout the day Monday for the entire state of Mississippi starting off to the West and moving Eastward into the afternoon hours. Damaging winds and small hail will be possible with a few isolated severe storms. Areas in Southeast Mississippi will have the greatest potential to see a few severe storms later in the day. Potential for tornado development will remain low but cannot be ruled out. Continue monitoring the Jackson MS NWS page and this Severe Weather update page for developments on this next threat." (
About Our Affiliate Special Reports

Today’s Severe Weather updates feature several special reports from three high school Affiliates or Forecasters: Joe Puma from metro Chicago, IL and Josh Owens from St. Mary’s County, MD and Storm Chaser Vince Webb from Jackson, MS. All three students are graduates of the 2010 NOAA-funded Weather Camp program at Howard University, and operate their own independent sites, but regularly collaborate with members of our team from across the country. We thank Josh's lead story from the Maryland Weather Center, Joe’s special report from the Puma Weather Center, followed by and a focus on outbreak potential in Mississippi on Monday by Vince.

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