Monday, April 11, 2011

More Fire...More Rain

Introducing: Jeremy Buckles, reporting from East Tennessee and Vince Webb, reporting from Mississippi...on our "Forecast Centers" page, in the Southeast Region. Welcome!

Monday, 4/11/2011 8:30 PM EDT

Wildfires in the West have now destroyed over 150 homes while burning over 300 square miles and disrupting travel. States of emergency/disaster now exist in parts of Oklahoma and Texas. Much of South Texas is still under Red Flag Warnings.

The cold front that stretches from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico will run into the 80 degrees weathers of the East and South today and tonight, bringing the potential for severe weather along its boundary. This system has a history, with seven reported tornadoes in Wisconsin alone yesterday.

Another upper disturbance will make its way from the ocean into the Pacific Northwest early today, bringing rain, and eventually possible heavy snow to the Mountains as far as the Rockies by tonight.
(Advisor Lear and the Eastern U.S. Team)

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