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2:10 PM EDT Thu 4/21/2011


Fire Danger remains critical across the Southwest, where over 100 homes have been destroyed in one area alone. Thunderstorms pose a slight risk from Texas into the Missouri Valley. Hail the size of baseballs was reported yesterday in Oklahoma and Texas. The West, Mid-West, and South should see some precipitation today or tonight.

The Pacific Northwest will send a cold wave into the Mountain West, causing significant high-elevation snow across Idaho, parts of Montana, and Wyoming.

Action moves East...Mid-Atlantic next


11:00 AM EDT Wed 4/20/2011
Although all Tornado Watches have expired, instability and daytime heating combined with high dewpoints may fire off another round of strong to severe storms from the Mid-South to the Mid-Atlantic this afternoon. The Storm Prediction Center has outlooked damaging winds as the greatest risks in this next event. Please visit our Stormcast page for on-going updates if any SPC watches are posted, and continue monitoring local conditions and your NWS office for indications severe weather is developing in your area.

Our Severe Weather Teams in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast will be posting overview and updates in our regional facebook pages today. When a local NWS warning is issued, details will be reposted in the affected zone.

We welcome applications from prospective forecasters in the Mid-West, Southeast or Mid-Atlantic. With 33 preliminary reports of tornadoes received by the SPC yesterday, there can never be enough "eyes on the sky" to assist the Weather Service and local TV broadcasters in keeping the public well-informed. If you are in high school, college or the workforce and are interested in joining our multi-state consortium of forecasters, visit our pages for Applicants or Affiliates or contact us: footsforecast@gmail.com.

To learn about our team, programs and services, visit the "Who we are...what we do" page in the left sidebar, or read about us as featured in the media.

Previous reports from Tuesday's outbreak in the Mid-west follows:

Visit our Stormcast page for latest
on the Midwest tornado outbreak

10:45 PM EDT Tue 4/19/2011
Tornado Watches now extend from Northeast Texas and southeast Oklahoma through western Arkansas and southern Missouri into central Illinois

Additional areas under watches now include West Tennessee, western Kentucky, central Indiana, western Ohio. The Storm Prediction Center has received preliminary reports of 23 tornadoes as of 9:25 PM CDT and 273+ severe weather incidents thus far in this outbreak across the Midwest.

Today is a classic "Tornado Alley" setup as warm moist subtropical air from the Gulf is clashing with cooler drier air from the upper Great Plains enhanced by upper level influence from the jet stream. Rapid updates on this potential 2-day outbreak will be covered by our regional teams in their Severe Weather forecast pages in facebook, including the Southeast, Ohio Valley, Mississippi and the Mid-Atlantic.

If you are an area under a tornado watch, closely monitor sky conditions and your local NWS forecast office for possible warnings, and seek cover immediately if you suspect severe weather is approaching.

For readers in the Central States, we look forward to increasing our local coverage for your region. We seek additional forecasters in high school, college or the workforce from Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky or Tennessee. Once past this current outbreak, please visit our application page and becoming the face of the place for weather in your state.

Welcoming New Forecasters Please check the Western tab above for a Pacific Northwest regional forecast provided by our newest team member, Apprentice Forecaster Mark Ingalls of Southeast Washington State and his website covering the Tri-Cities area. In the Southeast, we welcome Associate Forecaster Jeremy Buckles from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, leading a new forecast center in facebook for East Tennessee.

2:25 PM EDT Tuesday 4/19/2011
As residents of the southern states continue picking up the wreckage wrought by 241 tornadoes in 14 states, other parts of the country are facing different challenges. Red Flag Warnings for increased fire risk cover much of Texas and the southwest, while flood warnings advisories remain a constant presence in river valleys of the Upper Mississippi, the Lower Mississippi, the Red River, in the New England States, as well as in the Upper Rockies.

Winter Storm Warnings are posted in the Upper Great Plains and northern Great Lakes, with Winter Storm Watches also posted in those regions.

The next round of severe weather is expected for the Midwest today into tomorrow. If it aims for Mississippi, you can expect Storm Chaser Vince Webb will be on the scene just like he was for WATP-16 minutes after an EF-3 tornado tore through Clinton, MS. Vince's interview with the TV station begins at :50 in this video clip posted on his FF Mississippi Severe Weather page. (Advisors Foot and Lear)

Ahead of this next outbreak, we would like to extend to you, our readers, an opportunity to join our team. Read further for details.

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