Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday last

7:45 PM Sunday 4/17/2011 - In the wake of the historic 3-day severe weather outbreak, today was a welcome change of pace with sunshine and cooler conditions for places which have suffered so much so quickly. Heavy rain and coastal flooding continue to impact New England, but are ending this evening. Our readers and forecasters alike across the Southeast are still reeling from the most horrific and high impact outbreak of tornadoes in recent memory. Our team is thankful the weather provided everyone some brief time regroup and cleanup.

CURRENT WARNINGS AND ADVISORIES: Visit our Stormcast Tab above  for the latest details on breaking weather in the U.S. "Regional roundups" of all our forecast zones can be found in the Eastern & Forecast Centers tabs above.

SCIENCE GOT TOO CLOSE We extend our deep sympthany to countless families whom have suffered terrible loss in this tornadic event. Preliminary reports show between 80 and 110 tornadoes touched down from Oklahoma to the Mid-Atlantic from Thursday to Saturday. Even members of our forecast team in multiple states were directly affected.  Storm Chaser and Forecaser Vincent Webb captured a touchdown in Clinton, Mississippi   and Georgia Forecaster Paul Prance had a near direct hit on his home. Web Team member Nick Sirico, a junior in Meteorology and food service manager at North Carolina State, led an evacuation of 500 people from the student union building. North Carolina Forecaster Nic Robeson worked the event closely with his Mid-Atlantic colleagues on the FF: Carolinas page. Lead Forecaster Greg Jackson in Hampstead, MD -- tracking the outbreak online with the Maryland Team, himself ended up in his basement as he noticed rotation before a Tornado Warning even issued. 

The point? Our team forecast for the communities where we live, but we collaborate on a national level to bring readers a consistent and refined product that is locally relevant to the people we serve...our readers.

OUTBREAK ANALYSIS As part of the scientific recovery from the event, Affiliate Forecaster Joe Puma, a high school student in metro Chicago has provided a detailed report on the 3-day outbreak on his website: Puma Weather Center.  A quick glance at NOAA Storm Prediction Center reports shows that over 105 confirmed tornadoes touched down in the Eastern U.S. just on Saturday. 

INTRIGUED BY OUR TEAM?  If you are a weather enthusiast, professional forecaster, work from home or a student not yet in college -- are always welcoming new talent. We know you want your skills and time have immediate impact. Our members would tell you there is no greater impact than to know your work has saved lives and is part of a multi-state consortium of college students, high school students, meteorologists. The bottom line? Despite titles and college degrees, we are also regular people who share in the passion of weather. If you want to have a greater impact, and be part of a growing family of forecasters, there's no better time to become "the face of the place" for weather in your state. With 40 members in 13 states and collaborators at 8 universities, there is plenty of room for your creative talents on our team. 

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(Photo: Summer 2009 NOAA-funded Weather Camp at Howard University in Washington DC. Featured L to R: are Forecasters Mintong N., from the Capital Region,Forecaster Dakota at Penn State and Forecaster Reginald J. from Southeast PA.)

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Crazy weather yesterday. Bit calmer today hope eveyone is ready to enjoy spring break.