Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sometimes We Must Report Sadness...

Tuesday, April 5, 9 AM EDT

In the Southeast alone yesterday’s storms brought over 1,700 reports of severe wind/weather, and 20 reported tornadoes. We sadly note three deaths (one of them a child) in Georgia.

The Pacific continues its waves of moisture into the Northwest, bringing even more rain, and high elevation snow.

Another front will move down from the Rockies into the Plains and Eastward into the Ohio Valley producing elevation snow and rain from the Northern Rockies to the High Plains early today. Tonight, the precip should reach the middle of the country.

The front which produced such violent weather will move offshore later today. As it does, pockets of precipitation from Thunderstorms to some snowfall will affect areas in the The Mid-Atlantic and The Northeast.

Tornado Watches are still posted at this time in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

In contrast to all of the moisture, 8 States have Red Flag Warnings posted, while 6 States, all below the Mason-Dixon Line, have frost and/or freeze statements issued for tonight.

Please check with your local NWS Office for more detailed information.

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