Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weather Camp | Summer 2011
calling all high school students

April 24, 2011 (Naples, FL and Baltimore, MD) Meteorologist H. Michael Mogil of How The Weatherworks and Coordinator of the NOAA-funded CAREERS Camp program, in partnership with Mr. Rich Foot, Founder and Chairman of Foot's Forecast, have exciting news for high school students across the country. If you have an interest in science, climate and all things weather, YOU need to know about.... no, forget that... YOU NEED TO GO to Weather Camp this summer! To provide parents and students with a detailed overview, Mr. Mogil recently published this article in Yahoo's Associated Content containing valuable details about the Summer 2011 Weather Camp program.

Future Scientists
If you or a student that you know has sights on Meteorology/Climate as a career, this experience will fire your desire for understanding the weather like no other student-oriented opportunity out there (except for interning at NWS or being with FF of course!). Whether you live in Texas, Nebraska, Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, the Mid-Atlantic, New York or even Puerto Rico-- there is a CAREERS/Weather camp program suited for you. In fact, any rising grade 10, 11 or 12 student in any state across the U.S. can attend Weather Camp. You can also get training in Foot's Forecast before camp, hone your weather knowledge this summer, then extend those skills on our team after camp from your home state. It's like getting a lifetime of meteorology in two weeks from the pros in NOAA, the National Weather Service and university instructors.

Low or no tuition
The best part for parents...student tuition is virtually no charge - and that's for any of the 11 camps across the U.S., which include programs for middle and high school. (There are some university fees which vary by site.) To learn more about this exciting program that partners students with NOAA professionals, weather educators and corporate can visit the "Weather Camp" tab on our site, or the Howard University Camp website. If you want to get in touch with a Camp Coordinator, contact us as and we'll forward the message right away.

Strong Partners
Foot's Forecast has been a strong supporter and partner with the Weather Camp program headquartered at Howard University and sponsored by the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Science (NCAS). Our team has been blessed to earn the participation of six fine forecasters since Summer 2010, including Vince Webb in MS, Matt Bolton in FL, Reginald Johnson and Dakota Smith in PA. Affiliate Forecasters from the 2010 Howard Camp are Joe Puma in IL and Josh Owens in MD. It is no surprise that by Summer 2011 campers, students in 11 sites will be introduced to the opportunities available for them in the Foot's Forecast Team. (Photo: Foot's Forecasters with Weather Camp Staff at January 2011 conference of American Meteorological Society. L-to-R: Rich Foot, Dakota Smith, Mike Mogil, Dr. Vernon Morris)

The real beneficiaries of this anticipated national expansion by fall will be our readers. You'll be gaining forecasters from your area who built a stronger knowledge base about weather, climate and how to forecast. So this Easter Weekend, explore the Weather Camp websites, talk to your family, and start turning that dream you have about becoming a scientist...into a reality.

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