Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Bit of a Break....?


Thursday, 26 May 1:00PM EDT

A deep Low over the Ohio Valley will move slowly toward the Northeast continuing the threat of severe weather from the Gulf to New England. The storms are not expected to have the punch of those of the past several days, though. A series of depressions moving inland will bring rain and snow to the West. High pressure dominates the Heartland. The Mississippi has apparently maxed out, and should continue falling through the weekend. Other areas still under flood dangers include the Yellowstone River, North and South Dakota, Lake Champlain, and The Chesapeake.

Winter Storm Warnings are posted for Washington and Idaho.

There were 81 tornadoes reported yesterday, with no fatalities reported at this time. Red Flags are up in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Florida.

See STORMCAST for updates

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