Saturday, May 28, 2011

One Tornado on Saturday...Goal Today = Zero

Sunday, 5/29/2011- 11:40 AM EDT

A System developing over the Rockies will move its precipitation into the Plains by tomorrow. High elevation snow will fall, and the storm will combine with Gulf moisture to produce rain and possible thunderstorms in the Northern Plains, and Great Lakes. Similar weather will be in store for the Upper Mississippi Valley by Monday.

The Northeast may see some precipitation from a front moving through that region.

Snow is forecast for Nevada and Minnesota.

There is a possibility of severe weather in a band from Texas, into Kansas, and through the Upper Plains into the Great Lakes. One tornado was reported yesterday in Minnesota.

Fire Conditions are dangerously critical in much of the Southwest.

Flooding continues in the West, and in the major river basins.

See STORMCAST for more details.

Maybe, Just Maybe, We'll Have Less Severe Weather?

Saturday, 5/28/2011- 11:00 AM EDT

A Pacific Northwest Low will move into Western States bringing a variety of precipitation by Sunday. Elevation will dictate which type from Northern California into the Central Rockies. The Low that brought us some much severe weather is finally moving off into Canada. Its remnants will leave rain and thunderstorms behind from the Central Appalachians to New England through this evening. Severe thunderstorms are a slight risk across the central regions of the country. A large portion of the Southwest is under Critical Fire Weather Statements today.

See STORMCAST for more details.

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