Saturday, June 25, 2011

10:55 AM EDT Monday 6/27/2011 A Front, extending from Canada, through the Mississippi Valley to the Southwest will move towards the East by tomorrow. This should touch off showers and thunderstorms ahead of it. At the same time, a Low over the Mid-Atlantic may bring showers to that area and the Southeast. A Pacific Low will bring precipitation to the PNW tomorrow. There are possible Severe Thunderstorms over Northern Texas into the panhandle of Oklahoma and Colorado. The Mid-Mississippi Valley, the Ohio Valley, and the Great Lakes Region may also see strong storms. Fires still burn in the Southwest and North Carolina, there are Heat Statements for Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Arizona. Flooding continues in the North and the Mid-West.

The East & Pacific Northwest: Calm today.

Northern Plains & Southwest: Not so.

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6:05 PM EDT Sunday 6/26/2011 The passage of a Cold Front from the Upper Plains will bring possible showers and thunderstorms to the Mid-West and Great Lakes over the next 48 hours. Another boundary will produce precipitation, perhaps severe, to the Mississippi and Ohio River Valleys. A strong system will come off of the Pacific to affect the Northwest by Monday evening. Red Flag Warnings are posted in eight States, and Heat, or Excessive Heat, Statements, are posted in five.

While the predictions for the Minot Flooding have been lowered, the area will still see a record level broken by six feet or more.

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Some Rain, Some Sun, Some Heat, Some Floods, Some Fire....
Saturday, 25 June, 11:45 AM EDT

A weak Cold Front will gradually fade over the South by tonight. Showers in the Northeast and the Great Lakes will end by tomorrow. Showers will develop in the Mississippi Valley and move into the Ohio Valley and Appalachians by tomorrow evening. Another front will bring moisture to the upper Mid-West. There is some risk for severe weather in the Dakotas and Nebraska, as well as the Mid-Mississippi Region. A band of Excessive Heat runs through Texas into Oklahoma.
Fire Outlook- (NWS) A critical fire weather area is in effect for northern Arizona, southeastern Utah, and far western Colorado along with a portion of northwestern Texas and southwestern Oklahoma. Red Flag Warnings are in effect for parts of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma. In Arizona, the Wallow Fire is now 67% contained and has burned 534,639 acres and the Horseshoe Two Fire is now 95% contained and has burned 222,954 acres. Lightning ignited the Juniper Road fire, located thirteen miles northeast of Rocky Point, North Carolina. It is now 15% contained and has burned 21,336 acres.
Flooding continues in North Dakota, with the water levels still rising.

For More Details...see STORMCAST

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