Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunshine, blue skies and new zones 

8:00 AM EDT 8/10/2011 | A pleasant high pressure system in the East is bringing cooler, drier conditions to that region, while the south-central states continues to bake in a prolonged drought. Goldenrods appearing along the roadside, remind us that a change in seasons approaches... as has the start of school. To recognize our many high school and college student forecasters, we will devote time each day this week on the front page to showcase for you many locally-focused forecast zones operated by our team across the U.S. Scroll down to see today's facebook roundup, including The Virginia Tidewater, Central Pennsylvania, and the Georgia TeamIf you know of friends, family or colleagues in these regions, please like the page and inform them that Foot's Forecast standing by waiting to serve.  (Photo: Banner for our developing Charlotte USA zone in North Carolina.)

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