Thursday, August 4, 2011

It'll be better in the Bahamas Monday

11 AM forecast map image from National Hurricane Center Public advisory: 
Tropical Storm Warnings in blue and Tropical Storm Watches in yellow.


1:45 PM EDT 8/4/2011 | The Beach Boys said it best when they recommended you head on down to Aruba or Jamaica and NOT Bermuda or Bahama, because it'll be a while before Emily pretty mama will be put out to sea. Off the Florida Keys, there might be place called Komoko, and for this storm, that's where you wanna go to get away from it all. Check in with our South Florida Team on facebook if you are heading to Miami-Dade this weekend.  

For those looking to defy a little bit of gravity, it may not be better in the Bahamas given the expected track of Tropical Storm Emily. Unfortunately, places like Port-au-Prince are going to catch more than a glimpse as torrential rains in the next 24 hours will drench Haiti,  Eastern Cuba and the southern Bahamas. If you are already in the islands mon, we hope you'll be able to hear the rhythm of the steel drum band, as a tropical drink gets washed out of your hand. If that got the Kokomo song in your head, then take a trip down tropical lane in this Youtube music video from the 1988 original song.

BUT SERIOUSLY, despite Emily's slow movement, our Tropical Team is still going to get there fast and give you the latest updates in the Tropical Zone on facebook.  The National Hurricane Center has indicated that watches are not required for South Florida give the small coverage of strong winds. However, rip currents will begin to be a significant problem for beachgoers this weekend from Miami Beach to the Carolina coast (NWS Miami-Dade image)

(Forecaster Foot - Baltimore MD)

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