Friday, August 12, 2011

Talk about stacking the deck...

2:35 PM EDT 8/13/11 | our multi-state Tropical Team has the latest report on four, count 'em FOUR systems stacked up in the Atlantic Basin.  Did someone flip a switch or something? No, not really. As the calendar heads toward height of the hurricane season, in a "La Nina-like" pattern, systems can develop quickly near or far from the coast as observed with Hurricane Katrina in 2005Was there a Foot's Forecast for those systems? There sure was... take a look at our  archives from that fateful August and September.  

Stay in the Tropical Zone. So none of us has to repeat those deadly lessons, we encourage you to visit and add our Tropical Zone in facebook to your "like list" for rapid updates now and for rest of the season. Our multi-state team of college student and professional meteorologists, as well as high school students alike dissect every nuance of NOAA National Hurricane Center statements and redistribute the information to our readers. When the tropical go "hot," you can set your Smartphone alarm to the guarantee we will always provide a full, professional and qualified analysis of these systems. We also routinely cover hurricane safety preparations from NOAA, FEMA and Homeland Security with a variety of social networking and interactive media. 

Qualified? You betcha. Members of our Tropical Team have flown in NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft, have studied tropical meteorology at top U.S. institutions like Penn State, Georgia Tech and Florida International University. We have attended professional meteorology conferences around the country, and regularly collaborate on an education outreach basis with public officials at the county, state and federal level. Our team has dedicated their lives to the scientific process of studying and learning from the experts across the meteorological community. This is not a hobby for us, it's a duty.

We've been at this since before facebook was even incorporated (June 2004) and when Youtube may have been just a Word 2003 document. (Launched in Feb 2005).    Since the "Florida Big Four" Summer of 2004, thousands of people, from Emergency Managers and County Executives, to everyday moms and dads,  have relied on our way of helping explain,support and redistribute NHC reports. When the time comes, they know where to go: The Tropical Zone.  (Forecaster Evan S. with Howard County, MD Emergency Specialist Tom McNeal.)

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