Friday, September 16, 2011

Building opportunities

8:45 EDT 9/16/2011 | On this Fusion Friday, we celebrate more sunshine in the East, a final breaking of the Texas 100's, the first frost in the upper Midwest and Northern New England, and the third Atlantic hurricane of 2011... all in just 24 hours.  Throw in the freak waterspout/tornado in Ocean City, MD (WBOC-16) yesterday and there is a lot of weather to talk about. Before some other bizarre weather event recaptures the headlines, we want to showcase a special event from last Friday with one of our forecasters.

Remember Lead Forecaster Matt Bolton of our Florida Team? He's the one who appeared at the NBC Universal Studios with Al Roker back in July, was later able to meet Dr. Greg Forbes (shown left) and Meteorologist Jen Carfagno of The Weather Channel. Well it is September and Matt is back in force!  Last Friday, he was able to visit the National Hurricane Center, accompanied by Advisor and Meteorologist Mike Mogil from How The Weatherworks and the NOAA-funded Weather Camp program. Matt's tour of the NHC was conducted by Director Bill Read, (above, left) and Miami NWS Meteorologist-in-Charge Pablo Santos. Those of you able to appropriately access facebook  (read: do at home, not at school), can take a look at the album on the Central Florida page.

Our sincere thanks to the National Hurricane Center, Director Read, Mr. Mogil and Mr. Santos for demonstrating by their actions to all of us the value of investing time to provide students with authentic, collaborative experiences that transcend traditional classroom learning. Our team was founded on the philosophy that "all students can make meaningful contributions to society" ... if we just take the time and give them a chance to shine. 

Well done, Forecaster Matt... you and your own education outreach activities are an inspiration to more people than you know. We hope that teachers and students reading this will find the spark inside to innovate their future, and build an opportunity for the next "Fusion Friday" story. If you can dream it... we can do it.  (Mr. Foot and the U.S. Advisory Team of Foot's Forecast) 

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