Friday, September 2, 2011

"Raining on the parade"
would be an understatement

5:45 PM EDT 9/2/11 | TORNADO & FLOOD THREAT THIS WEEKEND | In addition to the high rainfall amounts expected this weekend from Tropical Storm Lee, our Southeast Team believes there is an increasing risk of a tornado outbreak to the right of where Lee makes landfall. These areas would include southern Mississippi, central/southern Alabama and central/southern Georgia. The NOAA Storm Prediction Center has posted a slight risk of tornadoes. One factor which would spawn a tornado outbreak is a possible swift instruction of dry air in the left quadrants of the storm. That would drive a large area of energy rapidly northeast and the resulting shear and instability could spawn a "short notice" outbreak of tornadoes. For details on the resurgence of Hurricane Katia, please visit the Tropical Zone on facebook for our latest reporting.

LIVE VIDEO STREAMING Storm Chaser/Forecaster Vince Webb, in classic fashion, is already en route to intercept Lee's impacts on the Gulf coast. He will be posting video as time permits in the Tropical Zone. Here is his first short video from earlier today. You can also see his reports via live video streaming at or this direct link.

11:35 PM EDT 9/1/11 | FLOOD THREAT FOR THE GULF COAST | In a surprise manuver, when most concerns were focusing on the long term potential of Tropical Storm Katia, Tropical Depression # 13 pops along the central Gulf coast. For New Orleans, a slow moving tropical storm dropping 10-20 inches of rain is almost as high impact as a fast-moving major hurricane. Although the upgraded New Orleans pumping and levee system was designed to withstand a 100-year flood... can it handle thirteen inches of rain? That is beyond unlucky, and could even be catastrophic. The Times-Picayune and the NOLA National Weather Service are already on to this possibility, as shown above in the 72-hour rainfall projection.

Our multi-state team keeps constant watch over and posts on the latest developments and statements from the National Hurricane Center, computer model guidance and Air Force Reconnaissance. Our members have even flown IN a hurricane hunter aircraft mission**, so they know what they are talking about. Visit the Tropical Zone in facebook for round-the-clock coverage from a dedicated team of 10 forecasters who stayed on the task even as Irene took out their power and evacuated their counties.

No Rain On The 64th Annual Crisfield Hard Crab Derby Parade

*The team extents its gratitude to Media Advisor and Forecaster Nick Scirico of North Carolina State University for his excellent work in developing our branded logos for Hurricane Irene and the newest banner style featured on this page.
**Meteorologist Randall Hergert is a graduate of Florida International University and has flown in NOAA/Air Force Reconnaissance aircraft. He is also the Lead Forecaster of our South Florida & The Keys zone in facebook.

(Lead Advisor Mr. Foot and the Tropical Team)


Morpheus - Woodmore, MD said...

HI - all I know people are thinking of the next posible storm but the effects of this one are still being felt with power outages. Bmore county still has 10K. In the past we were not able to release this data, it is now launched from MEMA's public site. If you zoom in far enough you get zip code level data - for the next few days at least, as it is a manual update process.

Enjoy - well if you have power ;) , I was out for three days and it was not fun (no water).

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