Thursday, November 3, 2011

Innovate your future 
by forecasting the weather

Forecaster Megan M. from
our Northern Virginia Team
6:00 PM EDT 11/3/2011 | TO OUR READERS IN HIGH SCHOOL: With the first marking period over and the weather calm, now would be a great time to consider applying to join our team. Our student members range from field hockey players and  hurricane research interns to snowboarders and geocachers. We're in 17 states, but it would be swell to have fresh forecasters from other sweet spots around the U.S. A few places needing student forecasters include L.A., Seattle, Denver, Dallas, New Orleans, the Midwest, the Southeast and New England. You live there, you know the local've always had a passion about tells others about it. Well, your ship just came in. 

What's in it for you...
  • Participate in rousing forecast collaborations in Facebook during major events, and help forecasters cover zones reaching thousands of readers;
  • Connect with a team of 50 forecasters across the U.S. who have similar interests and passions for science, media and weather;
  • Interact with Meteorologists, scientists and college students at 8 universities in a mosaic of professions.
  • Advance your competitiveness for college or the workforce, especially if you are a high school junior looking for an edge in the application process.
411 on the Team
What if I'm outside the U.S.? 
Forecaster Mark Ingalls from our
Pacific Northwest Team
Since weather is a constant of our daily lives worldwide, we welcome enthusiastic forecasters from wherever you are located. Parents working overseas? We can setup a forecast zone in your location (with their permission).  Whether you are in Sydney or Singapore, London or Lima, there are folks on Facebook who need a quality local weather forecast from a team they can trust. Contact our International Outreach Coordinator, Mark Ingalls for more information: weather.ingalls AT  

By the Advisory Team of Foot's  Forecast, as listed on our Vision & Mission Statement. 

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