Monday, November 28, 2011

Strategic Media Application

At Foot's Forecast, we often say "weather is the cover story." The needs on our team extend from daily weather updates to maintaining a high level of youth involvement. "Fusion media" is for those who can stay fresh with latest trends in fashion, social multi-media and sports. Our Strategic Media Team is just that: Their talents enable our company to sustain and engage in all things media. The contributions of each member have wide-ranging impact on the company, from CMS and database maintenance to design of customized ads, logos and videos.  

Current positions for which we seek applicants are listed below. The application text follows.

Fusion Photographer 
Do you love to snag that different angle on a shot? Enjoy capturing the finer moments of nature, or maybe you are a fast action shutterfly. The Fusion Photographer plays a crucial role when weather is breaking, or when it is calm. Photos from the local area are "fused" with the forecast to create a collaborate feel in both art and science. Other examples include a sunset picture in Maryland by Fusion Photocaster Emily, which became the standard image on all the business cards in our team, across the nation. Take a look at Emily's work since 2010 in our Central Maryland page on facebook.

Fusion Design & Videography
If you have that knack for taking a basic idea and tricking it out in graphics for a simple but sophisticated feel, then Fusion Design may be your role. Take a look at what Forecaster Andy Smith of the Virginia Tidewater on facebook has produced for our Three Rivers Team in Pittsburgh. In Fusion Graphics, you collaborate with other team members, using on-line tools and software to create innovative, locally relevant graphics that capature the weather story of the day or week ahead. Your designs for a high impact event would be viewed by thousands a day across the country and the world. 

Strategic Media Coordinator
Have already proved your mettle in Fusion Photograhy or Graphic Design? If you are ready for an advanced role, serving as a Strategic Media Coordinator provides you with valuable career-building leadership skills while making an impact on readers across an entire region of the U.S. 

An example are the fresh Facebook profiles & logos developed by Director of Strategic Media Diandre Williams. 

Our regional coordinators work daily on exploring improved uses to leveraging Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social multi-media portals. Coordinators conduct research on user demographics; recommend networking media to support student and site projects and promote apps useful for the readership in staying connected during significant events.  

Ready to get it started? The section below outlines your application process. When finished, email to in Strategic Media.

• Save in a Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010 format and include a recent resume or a biosketch if available. If not available, you can send in the resume with the reference letters.
• Title the document “First Name Last Name – State – Application"
• Length is no more than 3 pages. Recommendation letters are not counted in the 3 pages.

First, tell us how you developed a passion for science, the outdoors, photography or media. 

Next, describe in 1-2 paragraphs a weather event which impacted your life.
Last, discuss in 1 paragraph how you collaborate with others

2. BACKGROUND A bullet list of 2-3 items for each
• What geographic region would you like to work in or have photo samples from;
• A brief list of skills, talents and innovative background you can offer our readership (abilities in media, videos, music, website, photography, sports, etc.)
 An overview of your academic background, core courses and/or training if applicable.
• A brief list of activities you do outside of weather, and your favorite travel spots.

3. REFERENCES  Have two individuals submit to us via email within two weeks of your applicationa two-paragraph letter of reference on your behalf. The writer is to include a contact number.
  • If between grades 9-12: Options include a parent or guardian AND a current/former science teacher of yours OR an Assistant Principal. Context of the letter is to know a professional with your school system is aware of your application and can vouch for your eligibility for our team.
  • If in college: A Professor, Academic Advisor, or fellow student in the same field of study at the same college;
  • If at home or in the workforceA member of your family or a colleague who is aware and can vouch for your background in media.

4. WHAT THE WRITER SHOULD SAY You can submit your application before your recommendation letters. While the Outreach Team initiates your training process, you can contact your letter writer.

The writer of your 2-3 paragraph reference letter should include:
  • An example of your passion for weather & science or media & technology 
  • A statement on your professionalism and ability to collaborate in a team 
  • Contact email and phone number for our team if we have questions.

QUESTIONS? Before you apply, email any questions to Nikki Byers, our Director of Outreach (nikki.byers AT If interested in further details, we can arrange for a conference call to speak with an Advisor and a member of the Media Team.

The Strategic Media Team of Foot's Forecast

Diandre Williams, Director of Strategic Media
Meagan Buster, Director of Fusion Forecasting
Rich Foot, Chairman and CEO
Keith Krichinsky, Chief Operating Officer

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