Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"So, you're telling me there's a chance?"
- Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber

7:10 AM EST 12/21/11 As we celebrate the arrival of winter today from the East to the West, it would seem Mother Nature is wanting to make up for lost time. Affiliate Forecaster ConvectiveWeather in Texas reports that on the heels of the Great Blizzard will be yet another storm system before the weekend. Talk about "Pete and Repeat." The full details of this well-written report by Wesley H. of Wylie, TX on their website. Excerpts are also posted in our Winter Stormcast Zone. 

(First posted 3:45 PM 12/20/11) UPDATE ON THE POTENTIAL CHRISTMAS WEEKEND STORM| Although we are just a few days away from the Christmas weekend, computer models are showing a wide range of possible weather scenarios. Below is the NOAA HPC projection for Christmas morning.


SCENARIO A: A storm system tracks from the Gulf Coast to New England, bringing light rain for Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day. In this scenario, the best chance for any snow would be mainly limited to the mountainous areas in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia.

The same storm system takes a further eastward track, from inland in the Southeast to the Mid Atlantic coast. This would also allow for rain to fall, however there would possibly be enough cold air on the backside of the system for a changeover to snow. Timing for this would also be Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day, and would have a chance to bring a White Christmas to much of the Mid Atlantic west of the Chesapeake Bay and north of central Virginia.

SCENARIO C: The entire storm system does not undergo significant development, with little to no impact to the Mid Atlantic outside of increased cloud coverage.
Please stay tuned for the latest as our team continues to collaborate. 

(Forecaster Jason M.; Collaborator: Forecaster Josh O.)

(Map- NOAA HPC forecast surface weather map for Christmas Day)


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