Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fusion Forecasting 
in the Pacific Northwest

7:45 AM PST 12/11/11 Our Weekend "Fusion Forecast" for metro Seattle is by Forecaster Mark Ingalls, a senior at Kamiakin High School in Kennewick, Washington and leader of our Pacific Northwest page as well as his local Tri-Cities Weather website and Tri-Cities Facebook page for Southeast Washington. 

As part of our U.S. Team Outreach to educators in the Pacific Northwest, Forecasters Aaron Salter, Mark Ingalls and Mr. Foot attended the National Science Teachers' Association Convention in Seattle, Washington this past weekend. The video is one example of how team fuses locally relevant culture and education with career development and the weather...hence the term "Fusion Forecasting."  

Sunset and Moonrise in Seattle

‎11:30 AM PST 12/10/11 | Maryland Team visits Washington State Team | While the weather is quiet and low key this weekend for most of the country, Forecasters Aaron and Foot are on assignment in Seattle with Forecaster Mark Ingalls of the Pacific Northwest Zone. Enjoy this short 30-second rare view of Seattle at night with a full moon rising and Rainier in the background! Check back later today for a forecast video from Pike Place Market. 

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