Monday, January 9, 2012

Brief Mid-Atlantic Snow

6:30 PM EST 1/9/12 | A minor upper level disturbance which left between 1/4 and 1 full inch to portions of the DC metro area is now passing through our area this evening. Readers from Dundalk to west of Baltimore are reporting light to moderate snow, however accumulations should be limited to grassy areas and vehicles. Just two days ago, temperatures in this same region were flirting with 70 degrees. This is a strong reminder that despite a warm spell, the low sun angle limits the ground's ability to remain warm, and under the current low-level of solar radiation, snow can begin accumulating in areas even in daytime hours when temperatures are marginal.

(Facebook Video by Forecaster Jason of our Capital Region Zone of the Washington DC area | Apologies to those in the public schools who we know can't see this )


Andy, Southern York County, PA said...

Nice clip Jason!  I almost forgot what snow looks like as our part of the region did not see a flake.  Always a bride's maid but never a bride this winter season!  I have still punted until February, but a small event like today reminds you that it is still winter. 

NeedaSnowday said...

i am thinking of changing my user name to NeedaMentalHealthDay since there is NO SNOWDAY in sight!!

ravensbbr said...

<span>Good one! Sincerely, JohnDeereSnowthrowerOutOfAJobWillWorkForFuel</span> >:o