Sunday, January 22, 2012

Does weather need a playoff too?

12:20 PM CST 1/22/12 | On this busy day of NFL playoffs, the weather threw in some wild card-esque fantasy fun, just to make things even more interesting. On the heels of the first notable snowfall event of actual winter  in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast comes a potentially significant outbreak of severe weather in the Ohio Valley, Mid-South and Southeast. 

To sweeten the weather playoff deal, add Freezing Rain Advisories for much of Central Pennsylvania , Central Maryland, Western Maryland into the Baltimore-Washington metro area and across Central Virginia. For students and teachers in that you've got the "icing" on the Monday cake. 

Probability of tornadic weather today into Monday morning
The NOAA Storm Prediction Center notes that primary hazards expected in this severe weather event may include widespread damaging winds, large hail and possible supercell thunderstorms. We urged all readers to closely monitor changing conditions and remain alert to any NWS watches or warnings. Seek immediate shelter if a warning is issued for your area. 

Our Severe Weather Forecast Team in multiple states is covering the event in facebook by posting local observations, regional analyses and collaborative reports in the following zones:  Ohio Valley Severe, Southeast Severe, Central Mississippi, Metro Atlanta, East Tennessee. Our Affiliate Forecasters are also covering the event with helpful assistance from ConvectiveWeather in Texas, Storm Central in Illinois, Tempest Chasing in Nashville and Forecaster Josh O. of Maryland Weather Center.  

The Storm Prediction Center denoted a large portion of the Mid-Mississippi River Valley, the Tennessee Valley and the Mid-South under a slight to moderate risk of severe weather valid from 11:30 AM CST today to 7:00 AM CST Monday. A large area of instability associated with a warm frontal boundary draped from Kansas to central Alabama will interact with a strong cold front sweeping into that region. The SPC expects the environmental conditions to become conducive in the areas shown for a "potentially significant severe weather event" by late Sunday afternoon continuing overnight into Monday.  

(Foot's Forecast Severe Weather Team - Collaborators Josh O., Wesley H., Jason I., Jason M., and Advisors Foot and Lear)  


BioPat said...

Let's go Ravens!! 

 Looking at the freezing rain advisory makes me feel even colder.  I don't think those temperatures tomorrow are going to be quite as high as initially expected.  Still looking for that first significant snow to setup in about 7-10 days; time will tell!

Tina said...

It's been a long, lonnnnnng time since I've actually gotten teary-eyed from 100% pure disappointment, but the end of the Raven's game did it.  So, so darned close.  I was CERTAIN we'd go to OT.  And then win.  ::shaking head::

Hope everyone gets home safe and sound if they're on the roads. 

hocoKtchr said...


We need a mulligan!  :(

ravensbbr said...

<span>Look at it this way...there's no danger of bandwagon Ravens fans jumping on this year. It's just the true purple. Wear it proud, let's keep our heads held high through the off season and then right back to it!</span>